Thursday, August 13, 2015

TEE-Y Hilton dba the "GHOST" and COLTS agree on extended Dead Presidents!..."SUNDAY TALK" as TEE-Y TEE-Y TEE-Y and "BLUE SWAGGER" agrees on a 5-year $65 Million extension! @TYHilton13

Former Florida International University Football Star and Miami Springs, Florida native T.Y. Hilton and the Indianapolis Colts agree on an extension. This is a no-brainer for "Blue Swagger" with QB Andrew Luck in the saddle playing home games at the Big Pit Stop dba Lucas Oil Field through the 25th Century this had to get done.

Through numerous media outlets the "Ghost" will get a five-year deal worth a reported $65 million in which $39 million is guaranteed.  Hilton's Miami-based Agent Drew Rosenhaus gets the deal done and Hilton can now worry about getting to your end zone with that Tee-Y...Tee-Y...Tee-Y going up on Sunday!

Let's check out the Ghost's 2014 Digits with more of that to come in the coming years:

2014 #BlueSwagger Digits

15 Games 15 starts 82 Grabs 130 Targets 1,345 yds 16.4 yds/grab 7 TD 

Note: T.Y. had 17 grabs since 2012 for 40 plus yards only DeSean "Nestea Plunge" Jackson and AJ "Dawg Saturday" Green has had Colts Nation says, "We ride with the Ghost"!      

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