Monday, October 5, 2015

LIONS 10 SEAHAWKS 13 F...12's escapes the "L" Column as E.T. of HOOKEM' and "BAM BAM" Kam of "BEAMER Ball" Blacksburg saves the day as he forces a "FUMBLEROOSKI" on MEGAtron for a Safety!...NFL Week 4 "Monday Night Football" in "A QB Driven League" as the SEAHAWKS move to 2-2 but it was not easy! #DETvsSEA #RestoreTheRoar #12s #Fight4George

The Detroit Lions fall to 0-4 but they came to play and went right at the Seattle Seahawks as the play of the game was at the 1:50 mark left in the 4th frame. Lions QB Matt Stafford found "MEGAtron" Lions WR Calvin Johnson on a simple "Dig"Route on 3rd and 1 as C.J. dove towards Pay Dirt E.T. of Hookem' hit C.J. low and "Bam Bam" Kam of "Beamer Ball" Blacksburg forced a fumble with C.J. at the 1/2 yard line as he did not get to the goal line! The play was ruled a touch back and Seahawks Ball and game time.

That one play doesn't not happen if Chancellor isn't in the game or even playing and C.J. didn't see it coming as he was lunging for Pay Dirt. Through NFL Week 4 that is the "Play of the Year" and for now Seattle lives another week in the win column by a C.J. "Fumblerooski"!

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson passed for 287 yards on 20 for 26 and a score. Lions QB "Staff" was 24 for 35 and 203 yards and almost a TD until "MEGAtron" fumbles at the goal line. It's a "Game of Inches" and that play symbolizes that motto of "Any Given Sunday".

Seattle without RB Marshawn Lynch dba "Beast Mode" gained 110 yards on the ground as QB @dangeRUSSwilson had 40 of those 110 yards. Lions had just 53 on the ground as it came down to that one play.

Hawks move to 2-2 as the Lions remain the only win less team in the "Shield" through Week 4 at 0-4...    
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