Thursday, September 20, 2012

TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #31...Where are those 1934 Pittsburgh STEELERS Throwbacks? The STEELERS will look like a Cross between a YELLOW JACKET BEE and a REFEREE Gone Bad in these JOINTS #BurghSWAG

The Pittsburgh Steelers unveiled the 1934 Throwback Jerseys for the Steelers' 80th Anniversary this past Spring and it was a Mixed Review. The Bluedude can't wait to add to the Collection... #SteelerNationSWAG in Chi City nothing like a Bumble Bee surrounded by Monsters of the Midway #AlwaysWinning.

Now the Schedule has come out when the Steelers will wear the 1934 Nike Football Made Jersey and of course you have to wear them against your #1 Rival and the New Kid on the Block.

Sunday October 28, 2012 1PM ET
REDSKINS vs Steelers @ Heinz Field 1934 Throwbacks worn....

Sunday November 18, 2012 8:20PM ET
#PURPLEbrowns vs Steelers @ Heinz Field 1934 Throwbacks worn...

RG3 will come to town thinking , "I thought my Socks were Swag" and Ravens Captain Ray Lewis will be saying, " You have One Team trying to look Cute and another Trying to Hit Somebody". The Bluedude knows the #PURPLEBrowns Drill and Ray Ray bumpin' before the Kickoff and it is what it is.

#SteelerNation #STEELERS #BlackandYellow #NIKEFootball #TerribleTowel #BURGH #SteelCity #STEELcurtain #80thAnniversarySWAG

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