Thursday, October 22, 2015

THOMPSON gets his Dead Presidents from @CAVSDan and "BELIEVELAND"!..."SQUEEZE the ORANGE" as the CAVS Glass-Eating Power Forward from HOOKEM' and "North of the Border" Tristan Thompson dba "T2" gets a five year $82 million deal! @RealTristan13 @RichPaul4 @KlutchSports @CAVSDan #CavsNation #

It was matter of time not of the deal ever got done but when. Through numerous media outlets Cleveland Cavaliers free agent PF Tristan Thompson of #Hookem and "North of the Border" Hoops finally gets his deal done with the Cavs and @CavsDan (Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert)!

The P.O. (Purchase Order) is reportedly for $82 million over 60 months as Klutch Sports and Agent Rich Paul (LeBron James Partner) closes the deal just in the nick of time as @KlutchSports tweeted this  on Thursday October 22, 2015:

Only 5 days until and the open their season in Chicago!

"T2" will earn rough $14.26 million in 2015-16 as that deal will move up a million and change per season through the 2019-2020 season.

The Cavs know they have the "Lake Oswego Monster" Kevin Love and Anderson Verajao in and around the paint or Arc and Thompson is their best glass-eater. It was a no-brainer for the Cavs but paying near the Max for a certified and verified glass-eater who is still a "Work in Progress" getting buckets is a reach but nit that big of a reach.

Cleveland had to be thinking we have the "Lake Oswego Monster" at the PF getting buckets stretching the hardwood and now we can play Tritsan with him playing in and around the Restricted-Area as two heads are better than one.

Now the Cavs Depth in the Restricted-Area is the best in the East with "T2", the "Lake Oswego Monster", Varejao, King James, and "From Russia with Game" Big Timofey Mozgov.  Checkout "T2" 2014-15 Highlights vs Bulls in Eastern Conference Finals in May 2K15 in the video below:

#Believeland @RealTristan13 
14 pts 10 rebs vs Bulls Highlights
E.C.F. on May 20, 2015

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