Saturday, October 17, 2015

the Infamous "WHAT IF" Sports Scenarios Pre GHOSTS & GOBLINS talking the Sports World in the past month or so as we go "WHAT IF" October 2K15! #NBA #NFL #NHL #WNBA #HSBB #NCAAF #MLB and more

the Infamous 
Pre-GHOSTS & GOBLINS Edition October 2K15

"What If"...the Patriots run right through the Colts this Sunday Night in the Deflate Gate Game what will they say the all the pundits talking Pats are "Cheaters"?

"What If"...I told you the Minnesota Lynx are right in the midst of a Dynasty in the WNBA and Maya Moore is the best Women's Hooper on the Planet...agree or disagree?

"What If"...I said "Izzone" and Sparty Men's Basketball 2K16 Men's Basketball Recruiting Class is two more players away from the #1 Class of 2K16....agree or disagree?

"What If"...The "Flying Frenchmen" dba Montreal Canadians reel off 10 or more wins in a row (5-0 currently" is it Cup or Bust for Le-Blue-Blanc-Rouge or was "Expectations" there already...true or false?

"What If"...the 2K15 Chicago Cubs win the 2K15 Fall Classic will the National Guard be called in to slow down a Celebration that might go into the 2K16 Opening Day...true or false?

"What If"...I said that Georgia Football Coach dba #DawgStaurday Mark Richt is on the proverbial hot seat as he nose dives in the big games...agree or disagree?

"What If"...I said the Chicago Bulls will look to trade one Derrick Rose after the 2015-16 season...agree or disagree on Bluedude your whack?

"What If"...#HereComesTheOilers Future Star Connor McDavid scores 50-75 points in the 2K15-16 season would that have been meeting "Expectations' or Exceeding them as enquiring Ice Games Heads need to know?

@cmcdavid97 scores 5 Goals 
#HereComeTheOilers Team Scrimmage

"What If"...LSU RB Leonard Fournette rushes for 2,500 yards will he be a lock for the Heisman Trophy as he is already invite to the swank N.Y.C. Downtown Athletic Club?

"What If"...The Wolverines beat the Spartans today in Ann Arbor will UM Lead man Jim Harbaugh get even more publicity as its too much now...agree or disagree?

"What If"...I said Drake's Hotline Bling Track is the Anthem for the Winter Months dba "Cuddle Season"...true or false?

"What If"... I said that KD 8 Easy Euro was the straight business in the sneaker game would you agree or is a work of art?

"What If"...I said the Chicago Blackhawks will never recover from letting Brandon Saad go as they had no duffel bags to sign him....right on...or the Hawks will be fine but its a huge setback?

"What If'...the Lakers make that #8 seed in the Western Conference for "Winning Time" was that expected or not?

"What If"...I said the 2nd best team in the East in the Logo is the Washington Wizards not the Chicago Bulls agree or disagree?

"What If"...I said the Dallas Stars will be the surprise team in the NHL Western Conference in the 2k15-16 season as ex-Blackhawks Patrick Sharp and Johnny Oduya will help immensely...agree or disagree?

"What If"...I said the "Voice" is the best ever Show trying to find music talent ever...true or false?

"What If"...Eagles lead man Chip Kelly goes under the .500 mark for the 2K15 season will the #FlyEaglesFly fire him or stay the course?

"What If"...I said the best Fantasy Football Player for the 2K15 season as we are just in NFL Week 6 is Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell...agree, disagree, or 50/50 as he is right there?

"What If"...I said the best kept secret in Men's Division 1 College Basketball this season will be Marquette's "Big" Freshman Henry Ellenson...true or false?

"What If"...the Temple Owls Men's Football Team in 2K15 goes undefeated what then FBS...will they be in the mix or because its not a team from a power conference they will be sent to the Leroy's Cigarillo and Go Bowl..true or false...just sayin'?

"What If"...the San Antonio Spurs do not win the West and get to the "Fight for Larry" dba NBA its Chip of Bust in the "Logo is that a major disappointment or its the "Spurs Way"?

"What If"...I said current Blue Birds LHP David Price will be the most sought after Pitcher at the 2K15 MLB Winter Meetings...true or false and the Cubs will be major suitors...true or false?

"What If"...I said Bulls 2G Jimmy Butler will head to his 2nd consecutive All-Star Game in 2015-16...a no-brainer or 50/50?

"What If"...the Ohio State Buckeyes run the table are they a lock for another Title or will these two teams beat them if they face Ohio State...LSU or "Bama or even Utah?
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