Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NFL Power Rankings Week 7 in "A QB Driven League" as the FALCONS fall from the unbeaten and the "PATS" and "PACK" make a case in Week 7 to be the "ELITE" in the "SHIELD" talking 2K15 Sixteen Game Trek!...STEELERS making a run without Big BEN!...BENGALS looking like World Beaters but its only October if you know what I mean!...No one is talking #PanthersPride and Lead Man Riverboat RON...no one!..."RESTORE the ROAR" restores ORDER in the Win Column vs those Dow Jones BEARS! #NFLWk7PowerRankings #AQBDrivenLeague #TripleDiamondChronicles

The NFL Season is now heading into NFL Week 7 and we know this...the Elite Teams in the "Shield" for the 2K15 Season. The Rise Up Falcons take it on the chin vs the rival NOLA Gumbo Saints but I still believe in what Team Quinn is cooking! Don't forget about the other team in the NFC South those 5-0 Panthers dba Team Riverboat Ron and doing damage!

Both the Packers and Patriots to me are the elite teams in the "Fight for George" and the "Fight fro Lamar" as they both look like they will have the Invited talking January Football! The Steelers are on their 3rd QB and at 4-2 looks the part as Landry Jones of Boomer Sooner Lore strikes in Week 6.

Last but mot least those Boys from the "Jungle on the Ohio" dba Cincinnati Bengals as they go into Bye Week 7 with a 6-0 W-L and they get the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz in NFL Week 8. The only questions remaining will the Black and Yellow have Big Ben under center and can Landry Jones or that Steelers Offense go into Arrowhead in get a "W" with Red Jersey Collectors (Sack Artists) lurking like AVP with Lt. Ripley playing the Steelers?

"A QB Driven League"
NFL Power Rankings Week 7
October 20, 2015

Note: NFL Week 6 rankings in parenthesis

1. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (1) 6-0

2. #PatsTalk (2) 5-0

3. #UnitedInOrange (3) 6-0

4. #WhoDey (4) 6-0

5. #PanthersPride (6) 5-0

6. #GangGreen (8) 4-1

7. #StillerGang (10) 4-2

8. #RiseUp (5) 5-1

9. #SKOLvikings (13) 3-2

10. #BirdGang (7) 4-2

11. #FlyEaglesFly (17) 3-3

12. #BlueSwaggerColts (9) 3-3

13. #BillsMafia (11) 3-3

14. #NYFootballGiants (12) 3-3

15. #STLRams (15) 2-3

16. #CowboysNation (20) 2-3

17. #RaiderNation (22) 2-3

18. #AquaBoyz305 (25) 2-3

19. #ItsABucsLife (23) 2-3

20. #NOLAGumboSaints (27) 2-4

21. #12s (14) 2-4

22. #BelieveInMonsters (16) 2-4

23. #BoltsUp (18) 2-4

24. #DawgPound (19) 2-4

25. #NinersEmpire (31) 2-4

26. #BullsOnParade (29) 2-4

27. #HTTR (21) 2-4

28. #MusicCityTitans (24) 1-4

29. #RestoreTheRoar (32) 1-5

30. #PurpleBrowns (26) 1-5

31. #RedFriday (28) 1-5

32. #KHANstructionJags (30) 1-5

#BoltsUp @ #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football
NFL Week 6 

360 Degrees...

Steelers are preparing QB Landry Jones to start as we go to press he is the only healthy QB on Steelers Roster as QB Mike Vick reportedly has a slight tear in his Hamstring...stay tuned!

Seahawks get 49ers and who would have though both would be 2-4 heading into NFL Week 7...

Quietly here comes the new Gang Green dba Team Bowles in Foxboro better than 2K14 and maybe better than Rex Ryan's Jets dating back to 2009...

Cowboys get 2 weeks to prepare for G-Men will that help as Jerry's Gang rolls out QB Matt Cassel?

As if things could not get any better for Ravens dba Purple Browns they get Bird Gang in NFL Week 7 #MNF in Red Zone...ouch!

Who Dey has a bye week in Week 7 as they get the Steelers in Week 8 at Heinz and maybe a match up of 6-0 vs 5-2...the delicious AFC North never disappoints!    

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