Thursday, October 22, 2015

MATTINGLY and DODGERS agree to go in different directions!..."WORD around the WARNING Track" as "DONNIE Baseball" and the Dodgers Brass end their relationship as MATTINGLY will be heavily sought after by a few clubs! #DonMattinlgyNews @Dodgers #DonnieBaseball #WordAroundTheWarningTrack

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Skipper Don Mattingly through reports agrees to go in different directions as the Dodgers again fall short of the Fall Classic and a possible parade route. It was Chip or Bust for "Donnie Baseball" as he knew it as did the Dodgers.

Now the "Boys in Blue" will try an find a Skipper to get them over the "Hump" as Mattingly will be on the short list of a few teams starting with the Washington Nationals and maybe the Miami Marlins. As for Dodger Town U.S.A. they have the pieces but will lose one in RHP and 2K15 NL Cy Young Hopeful Zack Grienke who agreed top opt out of his Player Option for the 2K16 season.

Mattingly was 446-363 with Dodgers from 2011-2015 with three straight NL West titles but a 8-11 October Hardball W-L and that was his fate...not the 162-Game Trek or Division Titles!

Stay tuned in Dodger Land U.S.A. as this next hire has to be "Big" both in name and previous success...  
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