Saturday, October 31, 2015

WARRIORS 134 PELICANS 120 F...Chef CURRY of Team DUBS 24-7-365 was boiling everything in NAWLINS' from CRAWFISH, to the Spalding ORANGE and last but not least State BIRD of Louisiana Hoops for a 53-Piece and a DUBS "W"!..."LOGO WATCH" as @StephenCurry is the #1 Point God in the Logo! #GSWvsNOP #DUBS24-7-365 #NOLAGumboPelicans #LogoWatch

Where do you start talking about "Bloodline" Golden State Warriors point god Stephen Curry? The New Orleans Pelicans have an inside to what he is trying to do as Pelicans lead man Alvin Gentry knows the Dubs Offense and they still could not stop "Chef Curry with the Shot" as he adds to his 2K15-16 NBA Average of 39 ppg in the Warriors 134-120 win over NOLA Hoops!

With the score 65-64 Pelicans at the break one had to figure when is Curry going to put "Dubs" on his back and carry them to the winner's circle and that happened in the 3rd frame. Steph goes for 28 of his game-high 53 points in the 3rd as he outscored the Pelicans all by his lonesome 28-26 as G.S.W. hung a 41 spot in that frame.

Curry was sensational as in the 3rd as 5 of his eight money balls were in the 3rd as Steph has put himself in the same company as King James and K.D. and even above the "Brow" Anthony Davis. Speaking of Davis he had a team-high 26 points and fifteen boards but the night was all Chef Curry and Dubs.

G.S.W. went on to win 134-120 as they move to 3-0 and the N.O.P. falls to 0-2 with both losses to Curry and the Gang...      
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