Thursday, October 22, 2015

SEAHAWKS @ 49ERS in NFL Week 7 THURSDAY Night Football going "A QB Driven League"...I knew the NINERS Empire would be in trouble in 2K15 losing all those players but 12's looking like a SHELL of their former selves....loser puts PLAYOFF Hopes in serious jeopardy! #SEAvsSF #NFCWestRivals #HawksNation #NInersEmpire #TNF @AQBDrivenLeague

The Seattle Seahawks are in survival mode as we hit NFL Week 7 at a 2-4 W-L where the only way to go is north. Surprisingly enough its not the offense but the defense that has spelled gloom and doom for the Hawks "D". All 4th frame collapses and that is an alarming trend they must fix now in Week 7 if it comes down to another 4th frame defensive stop!

As for the Niners Empire they get some help last week seeing the Purple Browns of B-More playing at a John Harbaugh all-time low. Niners QB Colin Kaepernick had a great game last week and they need that from him. The Niners "D" also came up big and for this tilt throw out the W-L as its an NFC West Rivalry game and nothing else as Commish Roger will be lurking in this one hoping to get T.G.I.F. Checks to the League Office...Hawks @ Niners!

(2-4, 0-1 NFC West)


(2-4, 0-1 NFC West)

NFL Week 7 Thursday Night Football going "A QB Driven League"
Thursday October 22, 2015 @ 8:30pm ET
Big Levi's 501 Bell Bottoms
LEVI'S Stadium in Santa Clara, CA

Key Dudes talking #SEAvsSF 


QB @dangeRUSSwilson
RB Beast Mode
TE "Big Red" of the 206 in J-Graham
WR Kearse/Baldwin
DT/DE M. Bennett
ILB B. Wagner
the L.O.B. 

#PanthersPride @ #12s
NFL Week 6 Highlights 


QB Kap
RB C. Hyde
WR T. Smith/Boldin
LT J. Staley
DE A. Brooks
ILB N. Bowman
SS A. Bethea

#PurpleBrowns @ #NinersEmpire 
NFL Week 6 Highlights

What needs to happen for W's for both:

Seahawks "O" must also join the fray in trying to closeout the opponent as its not all on that "D"...

Niners must get the Wilson Pigskin to both Torry Smith deep and Anquan Boldin to keep Bam Bam Kam Chancellor out of the Box to get RB Carlos Hyde going....

QB Wilson must make more plays with his "Dawgs" (Feet)...

QB Kap needs to ditto Wilson using his "Dawgs"...

Niners "D" led Navorro Bowman must stop "Beast Mode" and stay in their lanes with a "Spy" on QB Wilson...

Hawks need more TE "Big Red" of the 206 dba Jimmy Graham and that should open up more targets for both WRs Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse...

the Kicking Game who wins?

Takeaways...who wins?

Niners Sideline Chicks are fallout awesome keep doing your thing Ladies...

Niners Nation needs to give the home team a "Boost" and at the same time the Niners need to give their fans a reason to be loud....can I use loud (sorry 12's)?

"Survival Mode" with both teams in it who comes out on top playing in desperation?

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