Monday, November 30, 2015

NFL Week 12 the "AFTERMATH" as the Wild Card Races heat up in "A QB Driven League"!...PATS fall from the unbeaten!...CHIEFS and TEXANS takes over the AFC Wild Cards!...NFC East is now led by #HTTR and more! #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk

 NFL Week 12 

Vikings 20 Falcons 10

The Vikes take over the NFC North again thanks to the Chicago Bears delivering on Turkey Day Night 2K15. As for the Rise Up Falcons they have not risen from the Loss Column in nearly 6 weeks and concerned thats an understatement!

Rams 7 Bengals 31 

Jeff Fisher has to be on thin ice as that Nick Foles Experiment has cost them. The Bengals are winning again and is it it January yet?

Saints 6 Texans 24 

Drew Brees 45 game TD Pass streak ends in Houston as they also get a set back in the NFC Wild Card. The Texans if the AFC Wild Card was starting today would be in the Playoffs...and that is shocking as they have come a long way in 30 days!

Buccaneers 12 Colts 25 

Bucs just didn't make enough plays defensively as the Matt Hasselbeck Train is rolling and Indy get Pittsburgh on Sunday Night at Heinz...lookout as this might decide one of the AFC Wild Cards. Bucs still have a chance in the NFC...

Chargers 31 Jaguars 25 F

You can't win the 2K16 NFL Draft #1 pick if you don't keep losing Bolts...

Bills 22 Chiefs 30 

Buffalo is almost done as that Rex Ryan Hype Train is dead! As for the #RedFriday they might not lose again and they look to be almost a lock with a favorable schedule from here on out for an AFC Wild Card with no Jamaal Charles...unbelievable!

Dolphins 20 Jets 38 

Phins are in disarray and the Jets are as good as anyone in the AFC talking Wild Cards but can they sustain that effort from Sunday beating the Dolphins?

Raiders 24 Titans 21 

Derek Carr is the "Truth" no matter if Oakland makes the Playoffs are not and having a Franchise QB in place heading into Drafts is a god send and the Silver and Black is almost 100% back!

G-Men 14 Redskins 20

We already know the NFC East is the worst division inn football and at 5-6 #HTTR is leading the pack....go figure!

Cardinals 19 49ers 13

#BirdGang escapes as they stay the course and something tells me they will be a really tough out in January Football. The Niners need a facelift as they host Big Bowl 50 with dreams of playing in it a couple years back...  

Steelers 30 Seahawks 39 F

I just don't know what to take from the Steelers "D" as QB RUssell Wilson lit them up! I know this if the Steelers come somehow get into Winning Time they will be the most dangerous to play playing on House Money coming out of the motel! The Hawks just need to keep winning and they will ditto the Steelers if they can get into "Winning Time" in the NFC!

Patriots 24 Broncos 30

Brock Osweiler and Von Miller beat the Patriots and absolutely nothing else! As for the Pats "Gronk" week to week has saved their Big Bowl 50 Chances...

#PurpleBrowns @ #DawgPound NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football keep your remote close and a Nightcap...   

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