Sunday, November 8, 2015

RAIDERS @ STEELERS as the "TRIPLE Diamond Chronicles" goes Nostalgic "SILVER and BLACK" vs the TERRIBLE Towel!..."BLACK HOLE" Football is coming "East" at 4-3 as Big BEN and the Stiller Gang Offense tries to step it up getting that "WHO DEY" Taste out their system! #OAKvsPIT #RaiderNation #SteelerNation #TripleDiamondChronicles #Fight4LamarHappenings2K15

Here we go as the new Oakland Raiders with an identity and a QB and a Star WR and a Star Backer comes to the Eastern Time Zone hitting Heinz Field for a 1pm ET start time. Oakland is playing above and beyond expectations to some as QB Derek Carr is the Sunday Business along with that Rook star WR Amari Cooper. Throw in Backer Khalil Mack and you have the makings of a Raiders Draft Room that is starting to get it right in April.  

The Pittsburgh Steelers at 4-4 in the 1st half has something going for them. That is the "Fight for Lamar" talking the AFC from a conference standpoint has not been good an average at best.  The Steelers at 0-2 in the NFC North having lost to both Cincy and B-More at Heinz already with two trips heading their way from the Black and Yellow...Stiller Gang might be in trouble. Is this a must-win well it is if your looking at the current standing in the AFC and what the Steelers have left on the schedule...the "Group of Death"!
( 4-3, 1-1 AFC West)


(4-4, 0-2 AFC North)

"Triple Diamond Chronicles"
"A QB Driven League" 
NFL Week 9
Sunday November 8, 2K15 @ 1pm ET
The Big 64 oz Ketchup Bottle dba Heinz Field

Dudes 2 Watch #OAKvsPIT 


QB D. Carr
H-Back M. Reece 
RB L. Murray
PK "Polish Cannon" Janikowski
OLB/DE Aldon Smith
OLB/DE Khalil Mack
FS C-Wood


QB Big Ben
RB D. Williams
WRs A.B./Wheaton/M. Bryant
DE/DT Lil Ironhead Heyward
LB Lawdawg Timmons
FS Mike Mitchell

5 Things to watch for #RaidersvsSteelers

QB Play as Carr has been sensational for the most part and three INTs last week for Big Ben won't happen again in 2K15...  

Raiders Rook WR Amari Cooper is the truth...can the Steelers Secondary slow him down?

Steelers RB DeAngelo Williams was balling pre-Le'Veon Bell now he is the #1 for the last eight Tilts of 2K15...he can handle the gig! 

Raiders "D" vs Steelers "D"...which "D" folds? 

The Loser in this one will take a hit in the Wild Card Race in the "Fight for Lamar"...
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