Thursday, November 5, 2015

DRI ARCHER released by STEELERS and here comes JACOBY JONES (Crab Cake Slide) from the BOLTS!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" if you keep missing in ROUNDS 1 - 3 lookout GM! @Dri_Archer1 @TheRealJacoby12 #SteelerNation

The Pittsburgh Steelers get a Waiver Claim from the San Diego Chargers in the name of former Purple Browns 5-Star KR/PR Specialist and "Dancing Fool" Jacoby Jones after he is in your end zone. The Steelers in turn cut tied with what they hoped was 1/2 of a Darren Sproles in Dri Archer and what Pittsburgh got was a "Dud" not a Milk Dud but a "Dud"!

The Steelers now Kick Return Game might get a spark and Jones has to be elated at 31 years of age to be with a Team that is always hunting for the Big Bowl in every season. As for Archer he never got it going and when you watched the young man with all that speed it was straight line speed the worse speed for a kick returner or punt returner. Heck Archer couldn't even become reliable in the Passing Game on 3rd down as Pittsburgh and GM Kevin Colbert just have to mark this one down as a miss.

Jones with all those weapons at WR for the Black and Yellow might have a 3rd down package for himself as Stiller Gang should use him in 3rd down lined up back there with Big Ben just to get folks thinking...let's wait and see!  

Coach Tomlin 
"Crab Cake Slide"

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