Thursday, February 26, 2015

WARRIORS @ CAVALIERS in "LOGO WATCH" w/PLAYBOOK on NBA ON TNT...Los SPLASH Hermanos hits the "Q" with the Logo's best W-L for 2014-15 as CAVS starring in "BELIEVELAND" is starting to hit their Stride led by King JAMES and KYRIE of SWOOSH Hoops!...#GSWvsCLE #WarriorsGround #CAVSnation #NBAonTNTGm1

It doesn't get any better than this as the "Plot" thickened for the Cavaliers hearing unfortunately for the D-Rose and the Bulls the news of Derrick going under the knife again. The Warriors lost to Indy but bounced back against the Wizards as Under Armour's "Human Torch" Stephen Curry missed the Indy outing but had 32 points and eight assists versus the Wiz Kids D.C..

Now we get all sorts of "Delicious Match Ups" only at Bluedude Sportstalk coming at 8pm ET on NBA  on TNT. Steph versus Kyrie at the PG and Klay vs King James at the SF or will Cavs "Get Shots" J.R. Smith get Klay with LeBron tending to Harrison Barnes?

GOLDEN STATE (44-10, 1st West)


CLEVELAND (36-22, 3rd East)

"Logo Watch" on NBA on TNT Gm 1
Thursday February 26, 2015 @ 8pm ET
ROCK & ROLL Museum 

Projected Starters


PG "Human Torch"
SG KLAY-metheus
SF Harrison B.
PF Draymond G.
C "Aussie" Andrew B.


PG Uncle Drew
SG "Gets Shots" J.R.
SF King James
PF Lake Oswego Monster
C Russian Timofey M.

Delicious Match Ups A-Team...Steph vs Kyrie B-Team Mo Speights vs "Perk"


Cavs must guard "Los Splash Hermanos" when they arrive at the "Q" which includes guarding them in the Visitors Locker Room...

Warriors must keep Cavs Nation on their fannies which means limit "Splash Plays" (Nerf-Rim Looks) from LeBron especially...

Transition "O" vs Transition "D" will be pivotal...guard the Arc and for the Cavs pick the "Los Splash Hermanos" up at the mid-court line or you will pay!

Turnovers vs "Live" Turnovers for TD's...

Warriors must be in "Attack Mode" and not settle or fall in love with the "J"...

Warriors Bench vs Cavs revamped Bench with PERK-ilicious...who wins?

Cavs must let Uncle Drew loose to make Curry work on "D" taking away from some of his offense...

Cavs also need to double Steph or Klay of they are the Ball-Handler getting the screen but be careful as "Dubs" has more than a few after these two who can knockdown the Triple! In short make someone else beat you not Curry or Thompson...

Warriors must stop LeBron on his one-man rim runs or leak out but shooting a lot of J's leads to east transition buckets as we will watch how this transpires for the Cavs and Warriors...

Kerr vs Blatt talking Lead Man

Glass Work Warriors must get all five bodies to the Glass as the Cavs have Glass-Eaters like Tristan Thompson, "Perk", and the Lake Oswego Monster...

Could this be a preview of the 2015 "Fight for Larry"...maybe!
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