Monday, February 23, 2015

BUCKS @ BULLS in the "WEST SIDE Story Report" w/PLAYBOOK as "FEAR the DEER" leaves the Team CHARTER on the Tarmac and takes the MEGABUS for "Date Night" with Da BULLS south on I-294!...#MILvsCHI #TeamSUDS #BullsNation #WestSideStoryReport

The new Jason Kidd led Milwaukee Bucks arrive at the United Center with moving pieces as out with the "Knight Rider" and in with reigning 2013-14 "Logo" Donut Runner of the Year (NBA Rookie of the Year) Michael Carter-Williams dba M.C.W.. He didn't play in the last night in a home loss vs the Hawks but I suspect he will get his feet wet tonight vs D-Rose.

The Bulls come in running down the "Valley of the Sun" Hoops Squad late to get a nice "W" to square up their home W-L to 16-11 with plenty of work to do. Can "See Red" round into form soon enough to run through the Heat like the Steelers ran through the 2014 AFC North like a Primanti Brothers Samich (Sandwich for those of you who are slow) fully involved...with fresh-cut Fries all over that bad boy!  

MILWAUKEE ( 31-24, 6th East)


CHICAGO (35-21, 3rd Central)

"West Side Story Report" on NBA League Pass and Chicago Sports Net 
"Another Manic Monday" February 23, 2015 @ 8pm CT

Projected Starters


PG J. Bayless
SG K. Middleton
SF "Greek Freak" Giannis
SF Mr. Dud dba Jared Dudley
C "Plastic Man of Beer Town USA" John Henson


PG D-Rose
SG "See Red Butler"
SF "Fundamentals" Dunleavy Jr.
PF the "Spaniard" Pau Pau Pau
C Joakim the Son of French Royalty Yannick Noah

Delicious Match Up

Middleton vs "See Red Butler"


Bucks no matter who it is Bayless, M.C.W., or OJ Mayo they must make D-Rose a jump-shooter and all five bodies back ball level in transition to keep the Bulls Transition Game under wraps...

Bulls must keep Middleton and the "Greek Freak" from getting off as they are the two Bucks that can impact the game in a variety of ways...

Bucks Bench vs Bulls Bench Mob...who wins?

J-Kidd vs Thibs

If M.C.W. is on that 2nd Unit with Mayo the Bulls will counter with Aaron Brooks and Tony Snell and they must be ready to slow the Bucks 2nd Unit Guards down offensively...

Glass Work (Rebounds) who wins?

If the Bucks want to play small with the "Beer Town USA Plastic Man" from UNC Chapel Hill Tar Heels John Henson playing the 5 the Bulls must go inside to Pau and Jo and force Kidd to play bigger...with Miles Plumlee among others!

"Hustle Board" who wins?

"Scrums" 50/50 Spalding Oranges who wins?

the Money Ball Racks always in play who will shoot it better than the other squad?

Turnovers vs Live Turnovers for TD's talking "IZZONE" Style...Thibs can live with Turnovers but they need to be of the Dead Variety not easy transition buckets!

The new Bucks are young, athletic, and coached up by J-Kidd and if the Bulls are lethargic and complacent they will take another one in the Madhouse in the wrong column!

Bulls need to get and keep the Madhouse "Fully Involved" with the Pickle on the Side for 48 and control the all important "Pace"!  
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