Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Only 4 GAMES in "LOGO WATCH" for Tuesday February 24, 2015...DUB Nation visits Nations Capital vs WIZ Kids D.C...."BELIEVELAND" at the PALACE of Auburn Hills vs new-look DETROIT Basketball...INDY in THUNDER Alley vs the REGULATORS Report OKC...and DINOSAURS near I-35 at the AA 214 vs Team M.F.F.L.! #GSWvsWSH #CLEvsDET #INDvsOKC #TORvsDAL

Only 4 Games on "Logo Watch" for Tuesday February 24, 2015

#DubsAllDay (43-10) @ #WizKidsDC (33-23)
7pm ET

Delicious Match Up..."Human Torch" vs Wall-Star

Warriors arrive losing on Sunday to the Pacers with Under Armour's "Human Torch" getting a DND (Did Not Dress). Dubs all of a sudden has company in the 41-14 Memphis Grizzlies just 3.5 games out of the #1 seed Warriors in the west.

The Wizards are in a funk and they need this one like yesterday. They have struggled with no one riding shotgun with PG Wall-Star John Wall as Bradley Beal has been out due to an injury. As we go to press the Wizards are two games ahead of the #6 seed Bucks in the East.
#BelievelandHoops (35-22) @ #DetroitBasketball (23-33)
730pm ET

Delicious Match Up...Cavs Bigs vs Mr, Drummond/Monroe

The Cavs rolled the hapless New York Knicks on Sunday in a wash and they have their sights set on the Central Division and the #1 seeded Atlanta Hawks. LeBron and Kyrie have been leading and now they add "Perk" to that front line and 2nd unit with Tristan Thompson...lookout East!

The Pistons riding high as they are just one game back of the 8th seeded Brooklyn Nets. PG Reggie Jackson played well in his first start minus him losing his lunch in the 2n frame near the bench. Detroit is a team that is emerging and no one in the East wants to play with Mr. Drummond and Greg Monroe in and around the painted-area.

#PacerNation (23-33) @ #RegulatorsReportOKC (31-25) 

Delicious Match Up..."Stuck" vs Russ

Indy beat G.S.W. as they are tied with Detroit Basketball chasing down the 8th seed. When the Pacers are locked in and everything is flowing they can be real dangerous especially with combo guard "Stuck" Rodney Stuckey shooting it well and scoring.

OKC Thunder GM Sam Presti moved that whole OKC Roster around and when they played Sunday blowing out the Nugs he had to be elated. That new OKC Squad minus KD with Enes Kanter, D.J. Augustin, and the underrated Kyle Singler looks improved just like that. Can OKC move out of #8 and into that #5and #6 seeded area will be the "Fight for Larry" question concerning Team Scott Brooks? No @kdTREY OKC's Slim Reaper it might be just fine for now!

#WeTheNorth (37-19) @ #TeamMFFL (38-20) 
830pm ET

Delicious Match Up...K.L. vs Rondo talking PGs

The Raptors are on the 2nd leg of a back to back Motel Swing taking I-20 west leaving the Pelicans Nest 50-4 with an "L".  Now they get a Mavericks Bunch that is tinkering on "Greatness" if they can string a week and half together in the right column they will be in the thick of the top seeds in the west. This to me is the best game of the 4 games on tap in a rather slow Tuesday in the Logo.  Kyle Lowry vs Rajon Rondo coupled with DeMar DeRozan vs Monta Ellis is a delicious match up for NBA back courts.

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