Friday, February 20, 2015

CAVALIERS 127 WIZARDS 89 F..."BELIEVELAND" playing for "KEEPS" puts the WIZ Kids D.C. right in the frigid POTOMAC River!..."LOGO WATCH" T.G.I.F. LeBRON and the CAVS at 200 Knots in what looks to be clear waters in the East!..#CLEvsWSH #CAVSnation #DCWizardry

Look the Washington Wizards could have went back in time and move this tilt to the Cap Centre in Landover, Maryland and the Wizards turned back to Washington Bullets Starters would have been Kevin Greivey, Greg Ballard, Big Wes Unseld, the "Big E" Elvin Hayes and throw in Wall-Star the Wizards current All-Star. It would not have nattered as King James scoring 28 in 25 minutes that's a $3 Car Wash for the King of Akron and the sleek Nike Basketball LeBron 12.

"Believeland" leading 65-51 at the break didn't let up as they added to that leading 94-71 at the end of three. The Cavs coast to 127-89 "W" as Uncle Drew in his new Kyrie 1 from Nike Basketball goes 25 points and seven helpers in just over 30 minutes. If there is a Duo in the East or in the "Logo" that could give Planet Oracles "Los Splash Hermanos" a's The King and Uncle Drew...real NBA Talk right there!  

The Wizards by the end of this one was loading up the Yellow School Bus headed to the frigid Potomac River for a swim as Wall-Star dba John Wall and Ne Ne Hilario each had 18 points. They were the only D.C. Starters in double figures. Look at this number 1 for 16 from deep and 17 turnovers heck they would have beat American University today the Wizards let alone Georgetown and George Washington University.

The Cavs move to 34-22 and seemingly have figures how to play "Blatt Ball" or is that "LeBron Ball"? Wiz I will give you this one as it as game 31 after the break but do it again next will be smack dab on Crime Scene Bluedude Sportstalk for your lethargic play...believe that!
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