Friday, February 27, 2015

Notable NFL Cuts 2015 in "SUNDAY TALK"...TEAMS trying to move on from VETS mostly due to SALARY Cap Hits for 2K15...the List! #CleanYourLockerOutASAP

2015 Notable Rosters Cuts as NFL Veteran Players get the news that they have been released or cut or even their contracts terminated or voided. The list is long but here are some key names that could still help some teams:

#RestoreTheRoar: RB Reggie Bush

He never was an every down RB and now he hits the back end of his career he can still specialize in being a Gadget or 3rd down back. Some really good value here for Teams looking for a 3rd down RB.

#BirdGang: DT/DE Darnell Dockett

Coming off of that Knee Injury as he never played in 2014 the former 'Noles All-American and avid Reptile Collector should snake his way into some one's locker room as he can still be a force playing inside.  

#AquaBoyz305: WR Brian Hartline

Somewhat of a surprise here as they just paid him two seasons ago and he is on the outs. Arguably their best WR in 2014 as he didn't get enough Wilson Pigskins. He would be a nice teat for a few teams the only question is can he be a 3rd WR and play in the slot...I think so!

#RiseUpFalcons: WR Harry Douglas

He has shown he can be a solid #2 WR and he has some real good value as a 3rd WR as he should have major suitors as the Falcons are just looking to get younger as Roddy White hits his twilight years and Julio Jones needs a "Burner" opposite of him.

#WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football: MLB A.J. Hawk

He would be a nice fit for the Chicago Bears for at least two seasons and not just saying that to get back at the "Pack". In that Scheme that John Fox runs he would be ideal and should come with a K-Mart Blue Light Special Price....c'mon Bears!

#PurpleBrowns: DE Chris Canty 

Canty still has some run left in him as the Ravens were just not a good fit. He might be headed back to Dallas as they need some depth on that D-Line and he is at a bargain price.

#Silver&Black: SS Tyvon Branch 

If he could only stay healthy as that is his biggest hurdle but there is a team out there that will put heavy clauses and escalators for him to perform and it will turn into low-risk high-reward.

#NYFootballGiants: DE Mathias Kiwanuka 

Like most a combo of play and pay and he would be a nice piece for a 4-3 as he still has value.   
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