Sunday, February 22, 2015

CAVALIERS 101 KNICKS 83 F..."BELIEVELAND" Road Show continues as they take KNICKS TAPE dba KNICKS 8 TRACK to the depths of the frigid HUDSON!..."LOGO WATCH" Sunday Edition..NBA Heads here comes the new CAVS ready or not!..#CLEvsNYK #CAVSnation #KnicksNation

The game is on the schedule and on paper what looked to get real ugly was worse than believed at first you Dr. Seuss Mother Goose! The Cleveland Cavaliers having figured out all their particulars and the all important "Identity" moving forward blast the hapless Knicks Tape 101-83.

At this point the only thing keeping Gotham City Sports Heads afloat is the Isles and Blue Shirts if you get down with Ice Games. Then there the prospect of Spring Training 2K15 right around the corner after that it's a wash!

The Cavs are believing in "Blatt Ball" as they jumped out to a 36-17 first frame lead and that was your ball game. The Cavs then led at the break 62-38 with everyone in on the act. King James (16 pts), "Lake Oswego Monster" Kevin Love (13 pts), Uncle Drew (10 pts), and "Get Shots" J.R. Smith (9 pts) all had a great games up to the break as Knicks Tape is simply adding more Lottery Balls to get Duke's "Big Jah" or Kentucky's Karl-Anthony Towns Jr..

Cleveland goes onto to win 101-83 cruising with a +27 in points from the Arc and holding the Knickerbockers to under 38% shooting on the day. New York was led by Langston Galloway's 13 points and six boards and taking nothing away from the former St. Joseph's Red Hawk Star but yes who is he to lead Knicks 8 Track in scoring in a game and we haven't even hit March yet.

The Cavs move to 35-22 while the Knicks at 10-45 are playing under the motto of, " You can't win the 2015 NBA Draft Lottery if you don't Lose"!

Knicks Nation is that Hudson cold at this time of year...just asking?     
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