Friday, February 20, 2015

BULLS @ PISTONS in the "WEST SIDE Story Report" w/PLAYBOOK going Post All-Star Game Happenings!...SEE RED gets the new MOTOR CITY Pistons with PG REGGIE JACKSON from OKC as Da BULLS try to stay ahead of "BELIEVELAND" and LeBRON! #CHIvsDET #BullsNation #DetroitBasketball

The Chicago Bulls start the 2nd half of the 2014-15 season 1.5 games ahead of the 2nd place Cavs in the central. They also are 2rd overall in the east trailing only #WeTheNorth and the #HighlightFactory404.

Now they start the 2nd of the this pivotal run in the Palace of Auburn Hills the Arena the "Bad Boy" Pistons built. The Pistons also made a huge move at the NBA Trade Deadline yesterday acquiring OKC back-up PG and Russell Westbrook's Caddy Reggie Jackson. Every game counts from here on out with every win or loss having an impact as the Bulls have just 28 games left. Pistons just two games back of the 8th slot in the east held by the Miami Heat.

CHICAGO (34-20, 3rd East)


DETROIT (21-33, 11th East) 

"West Side Story Report" going Local Networks or League Pass
T.G.I.F. February 20, 2015 at 7:30pm ET
"Palace of Auburn Hills" near the Motown Sound

Projected Starters


PG D-Rose
2G "See Red Butler"
SF T-Snell
PG the "Spaniard" Gasol
C Jo of Hell's Kitchen N.Y.C.


PG Reggie Jackson
2G J. Meeks
SF K. Caldwell-Pope
PF G. Monroe
C Mr. Drummond

Delicious Match Ups

"Spaniard" & Jo vs Monroe & Drummond


The Bulls need to take full advantage of moving parts the "D" has going into the 2nd half as they are unsettled and See Red has to make them look that way...

Pistons must contain D-Rose and make him a Jump-Shooter and keep him out of the painted-area...

See Red must leave Detroit "Bigs" Monroe and Drummond on "Iso" to keep Pistons Shooters (Meeks, Caldwell-Pope, Butler. and Jackson) from beating the Bulls from deep...1 on 1 win your battle!

Bulls Bench Mob vs Pistons Bench...who wins?

"Scrums" who wins the 50/50 Spalding Oranges?

Bulls must keep Drummond off the Offensive Glass as he is a rebounding fool...and the other side of CLippers DeAndre Jordan...

Thibs vs S.V.G....hahaha!

Transition "O" vs Transition "D"

Turnovers vs "Live" Turnovers for TD's the Bulls must keep that Pistons Crowd out of the game all 7K of it...Lol!

Bulls need this one to start this pivotal 2nd half of the right foot...

"Attack Mode" is key as that leads to the Penalty and to the Stripe (Free Throw Line)...

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