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JORDAN & PIPPEN Bulls Salaries through the CHAMPIONSHIP Years....did they get their CASH or did Bulls Chairman REINSDORF get over big time a self proclaimed MLB Guy..."WEST SIDE STORY Report" diggin' in the SEE RED Dynasty Crates talkin' 23, 33, and J.R.! #BULLSnation #ChicagoStadium #SeeRed #Team6Chips

If your a self-proclaimed NBA Head or even an NBA Enthusiast you might get it or you may not. The Chicago Bulls in the 90s captured the Second City playing the First City by NBA Measures by storm and See Red Storm. Six Championships, the G.O.A.T. His Airness taking the Logo on all counts, a current NBA Record of a 72-10 season in the 1995-96 82-Game Trek, and Four Hall of Famers out of the mix what a run that was.

Many questions though linger as the Bulls have yet to get back to the Parade Route, celebrating with Champ-Pag-Na flowing everywhere, and that somewhat elusive Chip #7. Did Air Jordan and Mr. Pip 33 get their big Pay Days as Bulls Players or when they skipped town. Did Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf and crew make over as they bought the Bulls for a reported $16 million in 1984?

Air JORDAN'S Salary by the Bulls Years

1985-86 $630k
1987-88 $845k
1988-89 $2 million
1989-90 $2.25 million
1990-91 $2.5 million
1991-92 $3.25 million
1992-93 $4 million
1993-94 $4 million*
1994-95 $3.85 million*
1995-96 $3.85 million

1996-97 $30.14 million
1997-98 33.14 million

Mr. PIP 33 Salary by the Bulls Years

1987-88 $725k
1988-89 $575k
1990-91 $765k
1991-92 $2.77 million
1992-93 $3.425 million
1993-94 $3.075 million
1994-95 $2.225 million
1995-96 $2.925 million
1996-97 $2.225 million
1997-98 $2.775 million

2003-04 $4.917 million
2004-05 $5.408 million

360 Degrees...

Do the math as Air Jordan made $88,200,000 playing for the Bulls with his biggest pay day between the 1996-1998 seasons where in those two seasons he made a combined $63,280,000. That was Reinsdorf's "Thank You" Checks for making him all those Dead Presidents! Jordan should have taken more of a stance on his Contract Money as he was making over in his endorsement money namely Air Jordan by Nike! Jordan did play for the Wizards as a Player/Part Owner making just $2.03 million in two seasons before the late Bullets/Wizards Owner gave Air Jordan his Check and walking papers!

Pippen ironically enough had his biggest Bulls Pay Days when he was pretty much done as then GM John Paxson wanted him around to mentor the young Bulls Players as he made $10,325,700 between the 2003-05 seasons. "Pip" should have fired his Agent for signing that 7-year $19.45 million from 1991-1998...that was Highway Robbery. Then After that 1997-98 Chip when the Bulls were broke up the Bulls and Rockets orchestrated a Sign and Trade with Houston for Scottie at a whopping 5-years $77.352 million. "Pip" then left after one season in H-Town to play with the Trailblazers in some solid years as they took Phil Jackson and the Lakers in the 1999-2000 season to a 7th Game in the Western Finals and lost.  

Yes everything evolves over time but Jordan and Pip's Salaries especially Jordan's was way under Market Value and then you can they say well they signed them. Not buying that as you know who got over as Jordan was kicked out of town to be nowhere near the Bulls and that is a tough pill to swallow  as J.R. and hi s Gang knew Jordan would eventually want to buy the Bulls...just sayin'!

* Jordan was still getting Bulls Checks when he took off those two years to play MLB....I know you didn't know that!

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