Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SEAHAWKS pick up CB CARY WILLIAMS...the L.O.B. March 2015 Depth Chart!..."SUNDAY TALK" talking NFL Free Agency Signing Day as the L.O.B. gets #FlyEAGLESFly mercurial WILLIAMS Island who wasn't a KELLY Dude or HARBAUGH Dude for the fact of the matter! #LegionOfBOOM #12thManSpaceNeedleBiz #CWillBiz

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. The Philadelphia Eagles wasted no time in getting rid of the mercurial one in CB Cary "Don't push my Buttons" Williams and look what the blew into the "206" suiting up for the 2015 Seattle Seahawks.

Williams through reports will sign a P.O. for around $18 million for over 36 months of playing home games at Century Link. That for C-Will is a beautiful landing spot at it appeared no one wanted to take another chance on a man that carries baggage it seems on every play. He should fit right into Pete Carroll and that Seahawks Locker Room which is like your local pool hall in a good way!

As for the Seahawks losing Byron Maxwell to #FlyEaglesFly and Jeremy Lane to an ACL in the Super Bowl vs the Pats that is a nice get. Throw in LSU's Tharold Simon who looked like he needed more work on the practice squad C-Will fits right in with the L.O.B.. Williams can also play the Slot as he is extremely versatile.

the L.O.B. March 2015 Depth Chart 


LCB "Sherm"
SS Bam Bam Cam
FS Earl of Jordan Brand
RCB C-Williams

Slot CB Lane/Simon/C-Will
2nd Wave

LCB Jeremy Lane
SS Dion Bailey
FS DeShawn Shead
RCB Tharold Simon

Note: "Bam Bam Cam" is coming off knee surgery. Earl "Hookem' Horns" Thomas is coming off shoulder surgery. Then "Sherm" is rehabbing without going through with surgery to that elbow which many though we need a Tommy John Procedure. There is a Band-Aid on the L.O.B. as we go to press but its March 9th...lookout NFC West in 2015!

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