Tuesday, March 17, 2015

GRIZZLIES 95 PISTONS 105 F...Detroit Basketball STARTERS led by REGGIE of Chestnut Hill Mass U and Mr. DRUMMOND always helping the Motor City Kids sneaks by GRIT & GRIND in the Palace the "BAD BOYS" and the late great CHUCK D. built!..."LOGO WATCH" going "GREEN" on St. Patty's Day 2K15 from the "D" 313!

The Memphis Grizzlies are on a seed watch from the Blazers and Rockets among others in the west as they try to nail down that seed for the "Fight for Larry" 2K15. The Motor Pistons trying to get into "Winning Time" in the east could careless of that "Memo" the "Grizz" received and their "Grind Father" West-Side of the Chi in Tony Allen.

The Pistons get a 105-95 "W" as newly-acquired Reggie Jackson dba "Reggie of Chestnut Hill Mass U" delivers in the front of the house with 20 helpers. He also dropped 23 points and looking for a "Pay Day" with his Sidekick K.C.P. of "Between the Hedges" Hoops adding a game-high 24 points with Andre Drummond dba Mr. Drummond from Storrs CT. Hoops going 16 and 16.

The Grizzlies shot themselves in the foot with those 16 turnovers from a team that doesn't turn it over a lot. Then you follow that up with the "Grit and Grind" Glue Stick Mike Conley Jr. no where near the Palace and there lies your answer.

Jeff Green had a team-high 21 points with Marc Gasol adding 17 points and eleven boards. The "Grizz' missed Conley Jr. o the worst way as the Pistons Jackson took full advantage of that as the "Logo" is all about match ups!

Memphis blew a 54-39 halftime lead as the Pistons outscored them in the 3rd and 4th by a combined 66-41. It's all about runs and when your head can you stop that run at some points and the Grizz never did.

The Pistons move to 24-43 while the Grizz falls to 47-21 and leads the #2 in the Southwest Rockets by a game and a half as we will have a photo finish in this division...
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