Tuesday, March 17, 2015

O.K.C. "Air CONGO" and G.S.W. "KLAY-metheus" out of Action..."SQUEEZE the ORANGE" talking key injuries to key players dealing with an assortment of maladies! @SergeIbaka9 @KlayThompson

The Oklahoma City Thunder GM Sam Presti has nothing to worry about as starting PF Serge "Air Congo" Ibaka has a reported basic procedure on right knee and will be out 4-6 weeks. Look they do not need a another jump-shooter anyway and what Enes Kanter and Mitch McGary and even Steven Adams is giving them in the painted-area is better.

I still think Ibaka is overrated and he doesn't fit the O.K.C. Scheme as much as the Thunder and Presti think he does. C'mon 6-9 at just north of 240 el bees and a jump-shooter as the Thunder have been looking forever an inside presence.  

Out West the "KLAY-metheus" Thompson of "Los Splash Hermanos" Fame is out with an ankle injury as G.S.W. hits the home-stretch. This comes on the heels of Klay switching shoe companies right before the 2015 All-Star Break as he was Nike Basketball now he is Anta Shoes a chinese-based athletic shoe company. Not saying it's the shoes money...but is it?

Meanwhile look for Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston (who both played High School Basketball in Illinois' Mid-State 9) minutes to increase.  
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