Sunday, March 15, 2015

BULLS 100 THUNDER 109 F..."REGULATORS Report OKC" > "WEST SIDE Story Report" as RUSS of JORDAN Brand was too much along with O.K.C. "Bigs" ENES & STEVEN!...See Red's PAU and NIKO needed a 3rd Wheel for the Sunday Matinee and didn't get it! #CHIvsOKC #BullsNation #RegulatorsOKC

A 47-47 tie at the break continued into the last minute in this tilt as the OKC Thunder prevails late 109-100 as Star PG Russell Westbrook goes for a game-high 36 points on a high-volume 27 shot attempts. Make no mistake about it Russ is a fabulous player but he is also a volume shooter and will never go down as the most efficient player. Having said that it's about W's in the "Logo" no matter how you get there!

Bulls had their chances late as the Regulators OKC took a 75-70 lead into the 4th Westbrook after three frames 22 points of his game-high 36 after three. "See Red" tied the game on a few occasions in the 4th but could never grab the lead. Nikol Mirotic led the Bulls with a team-high 27 points as Pau Gasol carried Chicago in the 1st frame with a dozen as OKC led 17-15 after one!

The Bulls down 96-95 at the 1:40 mark in the 4th would close on three turnovers and a lay-up missed  all coupled with a Gasol "J" and Mirotic free throw x 3. OKC would go onto win 109-100 and joining Westbrook's game-high 36 points was Turkey and former Kentucky Recruit Enes Kanter going 18 points and eighteen boards. Steven Adams fouling out teamed with Kanter to produce 14 points and eleven boards. I had said before the game if they out play Jo and Pau in the paint OKC will win and they did.    

Gasol added 20 points and eight boards to go with Mirotic's 27. Bulls allow 17 offensive boards to their 9 as they get pounded on the glass 52-33 (-19). You will not win many games in the Logo with a rebound margin like that not in your favor as well as coming out oft the motel.

OKC moves to 37-29 as Chicago falls to 40-28 looking more and more like a 48-34 team than a 56-26 I projected at the start of the 2014-15 season.

Bulls get the artist formerly known as "Gold Swagger" the Indiana Pacers on Hump Day March 18th a day after St. Patty's Day 2K15...
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