Wednesday, March 18, 2015

COWBOYS grab their "Red JERSEY Collector" HARDY for 12 months!..."SUNDAY TALK" as the 'BOYS get a deal done for DE GREG HARDY but not after #ItsABucsLife was in the hunt! #CowboysNation #SackManHARDY76

The Dallas Cowboys in desperate need of a pass rush gets their guy and a Purchase Order that appears to be fair for both sides. Cowboys through numerous media outlets signs former Panthers DE Greg Hardy to just north of $13 million with $11.3 million in guarantees.

The 'Boys get that deal done on the heels of a Red Jersey Collector race between them and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs though pulled out at the 12 o'clock hour giving way to Stephen Jones to get a deal done that Jerry signed off on.

Now the 'Boys will boast DE Jeremy Mincey and 2nd year to be OLB DeMarcus Lawrence opposite of Hardy who should be more than ready to go. As for those joking on Twitter about that Dez Bryant supposed Video and Hardy's shortcomings you need to look yourself in the mirror. No one is perfect I am far from it and so are you. Let's talk football and for all that other stuff you need to get to TMZ and that other "Stuff" it sports here 24-7-365.

Looking at the Cowboys 2015 D-Line Depth Chart as we go to press with Hardy 76:

#DoomsDay2K15...slow your roll! 


LDE Hardy 76 
LDT Terrell McClain
RDT Tyrone Crawford
RDE Jeremy Mincey *

2nd Wave

LDE Ben Gardner
LDT Ken Bishop
RDT Josh Brent
RDE DeMarcus Lawrence *

Note * Mincey will be pushed by Lawrence as that should play out in camp.

Crawford is as versatile as they come as he can play DT/DE and with Hardy he will move to inside as the Cowboys "D" takes a few steps in the right direction...what about that secondary which needs a "Plug and Play" or two?

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