Monday, March 9, 2015

PELICANS 114 BUCKS 103 F...The "BROW" hits Beer Town USA and "FEAR the DEER" for a 43-Piece on an Arcade NBA JAM "On FIRRRRRE" 17-23 FG!..."LOGO WATCH" with @AntDavis23 carrying State BIRD of LOUISIANA all by his lonesome! #PelicansNation #FearTheDEER #LogoWatch #TheBROW

Chicago, Illinois the last five years has been home to some of the best "Bigs" or Front Court High School Players alive. You have Duke's Jabari Parker and "Big Jah" Jahili Okafor and even Kansas Jayhawk Cliff Alexander. That all stops as the Future of NBA "Bigs" and Stars from the 2nd City starts and stops with the "Brow" the Pelicans Anthony Davis.

Davis if he can stay healthy will be the #1 Player in the Logo real soon and that is counting King James of  "Believeland". The Bucks found out tonight as the "Brow" served them up for 43 points (17-23 FG) and ten boards to go along with six assists and two blocks. Eric Gordon (16 pts) and Tyreke Evans (13 pts) helped along the way as they beat the Bucks 114-103.

The Bucks "Greek Freak" Giannis Antetokounmpo had a team-high 29 points with newly-acquired PG and reigning Rook of the Year M.C.W. adding 25 points and seven helpers. It was State Bird of Louisiana with a +11 on the Boards and +15 in points from the arc that put the Bucks in harms way!

At 35-29 the Pelicans with a healthy "Brow" is a 1/2 game back of the Regulators Report OKC dba OKC Thunder in the West for #8. The Bucks at the #6 seed in the East 3.5 games up on the #7 Pacers of Indy!
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