Tuesday, February 2, 2016

JOHNNY Football "DUNZO" in the DAWG POUND!...BROWNS Green Room Picks the last 10 years!..."SUNDAY TALK" as the BROWNIES blow yet another 1st Round Pick and Folks wonder why they are the AFC North Snack Cakes! @Browns #DawgPound #86JohnnyFootballInCLand #Browns1stRoundDraftPicksSince2006

They were yelling and going straight Nut Factory in Berea, Ohio at the 2K14 Cleveland Browns Draft Party to get Gig'em Nation and Heisman Trophy Winner QB Johnny Manziel and the Browns made the pick and it was "Johnny Football" to the Dawg Pound and they went nuts! Now there is always two sides to a story and of course talking the "Dawg Pound" the other side more times than not doesn't end well!

Fast Forward to today February 2, 2K16 and the Cleveland Browns wish they had that pick back in 2K14 and their other 2K14 1st rounder O.K. State CB Justin Gilbert who also looks, smells, and plays like "El Busto"!

Talking "Johnny Football" only it was Dallas Cowboys Stephen Jones that talked his "Pops" Jerry out of making Manziel a Cowboy instead they settled for Pro Bowl OG Zack Martin from Notre Dame the safe pick and he has flourished as Jerry Jones lived to see another successful draft...and thanks Stephen.

As for the Dawg Pound Backers where does it stop as we look back to the 1st round picks since 2006 and the conclusion is there is many reasons why the Cleveland Browns call the AFC North Basement home...

Green Room Picks 

Note: In parenthesis Pick # in 1st Round
In Red no longer with Dawg Pound

2006 #13 LB Kamerion Wimbley (Retired)

2007 #3 LT Joe Thomas (Franchise) Browns
         #22 QB Brady Quinn (Football Analyst)

2008 No Picks (Dumb and Dumber)

2009 #21 C Alex Mack (Browns Center)

2010 #7 CB Joe Haden (Franchise Browns Island)

2011 #21 DT Phil Taylor (Browns Starting DT)

2012 #3 RB Trent Richardson (Retired)
         ##22 QB Brandon Weeden (Texans QB)

2013 #6 OLB Ki Ki Mingo (Browns Stating OLB)

2014 #8 CB Justin Gilbert (Depth Chart CB)
         #22 QB Johnny Manziel (Soon to be Cut by Browns) 

2015 #12 DT Danny Shelton (Starting NT Browns)
         #19 C Cameron Erving (Center to replace Alex Mack perhaps)

360 Degrees...

the 2012 and 2014 Draft Classes get an "F" Grade

Wimbley retired as a Tennessee Titan...

Joe Thomas a Franchise LT and a All-Pro Fixture since being drafted...QB Quinn "El Busto" he was and I saw that coming!

Phil Taylor solid...

T-Rich another "El Busto" out of football...Weeden a Clipboard Holder from Draft Day is a Texans QB currently...as RGIII might be a Texan any day now to compete for Starting QB Slot!

Mingo out of all the LSU 1st Rounder Post Jamarcus Russell Mingo is the only heading for "EL Busto" as he still has not figured it out...

Gilbert is "Dazed" and "Confused" and "Lost" and of course Manziel will be cut as all that Baggage resurfaced in the Dawg Pound like many thought it would... 

Shelton and Erving have a chance but like all Browns Draft Picks be patient and look for things to go in the wrong direction as I am just following that alarming trend...    


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