Wednesday, February 3, 2016

NHL Points Leaders as "WORD Around the BOARDS" + "FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison = the Bison City MULLET #88 PATRICK KANE is going for the Art Ross Statue for 2K15-16! #NHLPointsLeaders #Fight4Art #WordAroundTheBoards #FrozenTalkHawks

It is nowhere near a forgone conclusion but Chicago Blackhawks Winger and Royalty is going for it in the 2k15-16 season. Patrick Kane dba the "Bison City Mullet" #88 has unleashed is undeniable talent "On Frozen Pond" for NHL Heads to see as he leads the NHL Points Race as we go to press. Now can he close it out is a whole other ball of "Frozen Ones" and that would be Pucks?

Let's talk Top 10 in Ice Games talking "Lighting the Lamp" and helping others Teammates (Assists) hit the morning headlines...

"Fight 4 ART"
NHL Points Leaderboard
February 2K15-16

Note: In Parenthesis is Goals

1. RW Bison City Mullet #88 #IndianHead 74 (30)

2. LW Jamie Benn #StarsOnIce 58 (28)

3. C Tyler Seguin #StarsOnIce 55 (28)

4. D Erik Karlsson #Sens 53 (11)

5. C Evengy Kuznetsov #Caps 51 (15)

6. C Joe Pavelski #TeamTeal 49 (25)

7. C Evgeni Malkin #Pens 49 (23)

8. LW Taylor Hall #HereComesTheOilers 49 (18)

9. RW Blake Wheeler #Jets 48 (13)

10. LW Johnny Hockey #FlamesOnIce 47 (20)

KANER #88 Business 
1st Hat Trick in Career vs Leafs 
January 2k16

360 Degrees...

The Bison City Mullet dba Parick Kane has the Art Trophy almost on lock as he needs to stay healthy and keep his skates on the gas....Kaner #88 leads Ice Games in Points, Assists, and Goals and take that Indian Head Sweater Haters!  

The AA-214 Two-Pack of Benn (Art Ross Trophy Winner 2K15) and Seguin has Stars Nation on 100 and there is a clear cut reason why the are right behind the Indian Head in the standings in the West....Mr. Benn and Mr. Seguin to name a few!

Karlsson is the closest thing I have seen to one of my All-Time Favs in Defenseman Paul Coffey except Karlsson needs to be more selfish in "Lighting the Lamp"...and that is putting in right between the Blue-Paint!   

The Caps lead Ice Game sin Points as they are the #1 Team on Ice and they have reigning Hart Trophy Winner Alexander the Great #8 of Russia then there is this dude you have never heard unless you follow Ice Games heavy...Kuznetsoz..."Splash"!

Pavelski has the Sharks lurking in the West as it is officially his team now that #19 Joe Thornton is nearing the end!

Malkin has been doing it for quite sometime but what is the real deal with that Malkin/Sid Crosby Duo and what has transpired and are they done being a Contender?   

Give me two more years and the Rogers Center with the "Open 4 Business" Sign bright Oilers Blue and Orange in Edmonton, Alberta and Hall and Connor McDavid will be super-explosive and playing Benn and Seguin as the most dynamic two-pack in Ive Games! 

Wheeler is a huge talent on team that likes to play the game in a Dark Alley hitting anything that skates...

"Johnny Ice" of Calgary is an Attraction as the Flames need a few more pieces to get it right but Gaudreau is a nice and true #1 to lead the Troops...

Note: Blackhawks LW and Rookie Artemi Panarin is 11th on this list with 47 points (18 goals) as he has more than picked up the slack for the Hawks and Stan Bowman trading Winger Brandon Saad to the Jackets last summer...#OneGoal Hawks Nation!   
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