Thursday, February 4, 2016

KNICKS 105 PISTONS 111 F...DETROIT Basketball almost gave KNICKS Tape a "W" blowing a huge 1st half lead as the Seat Belt Sign was on in the 4th at the Palace!..."LOGO WATCH" I see you the "STAN-I-MAL" in Pistons Rook STANLEY JOHNSON with a career-high 22 points! #NYKvsDET #KnicksNation #DetroitBasketball #LogoWatch

The Detroit Pistons are heading in the right direction as they have been riding their All-Star "Big" Mr. Drummond dba Andre Drummond to an impressive 27-24 1st half as we go to press. Tonight versus the New York Knickerbockers the Pistons were up 60-36 at intermission and the game was all but over right? No the "Logo" is all about making "Runs" and getting "Stops" and Knicks Tape behind a furious comeback and a huge 3rd made it a game.

Knicks Tape goes on a 35-18 third frame run to close that 24 point deficit to just seven at 78-71 after three.  That run was aided by the "Bully" 'Melo Anthony, Arron Affalo, Robin Lopez and Lance Thomas who combined for all 35 in the frame.

Detroit rode Super-Rook Stanley Johnson dba the "Stan-I-Mal" as he nets a career-high 22 points leading all five Pistons Starters into double figures. Detroit PG Reggie Jackson added 21 points with Mr. Drummond always helping the Kids going double-double with 17 points and thirteen boards.


Lopez had a huge night for Knicks Tape dropping a game-high 26 points and hauling in sixteen boards with Affalo dropping 24 points. 'Melo Anthony almost went triple-double with 19 points and eleven boards with eight assists. It was that hole the Knicks dug in the 1t half as it took way too much energy in the 2nd half to get back into the ball game coming out of the Motel to hit the winner's circle!

Detroit moves to 27-24 while the Knicks fall to 23-28...

I am hearing rumblings that the Zen Master is actively looking to make a trade top get a PG and former All-Star Jeff Teague in the Highlight Factory 404 just might be the Answer. Add him to what the Knicks already have and grab @kdTREY5 of the Regulators Report O.K.C. and Spike and Knicks Nation will be back in charge hypothetically speaking of course!           
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