Friday, February 5, 2016

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 241!...TEXANS and RAIDERS to play a 2K16 Regular Season Game in Mexico City!...SPURS hit the A.A. 214 to play the MAVS on the NBA T.G.I.F. Marquee in "LOGO WATCH"! #HOUvsOAKMexicoCity2K16 #SASvsDAL #AQBDrivenLeague #LogoWatch

The NFL and its Commish Roger That! dba Roger Goodell has inked an NFL Regular Season Game for the 2K16 Season. It will feature the Silver and Black dba Oakland Raiders versus "Bulls on Parade" dba Houston Texans from Mexico City's Estadio Azteca. The game will be November 21st right before the Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Weekend Games and solid move Roger and the "Shield"!

Estadio Azteca
November 21st, 2K16 Site
Texans vs Raiders

The San Antonio Spurs  coming off a week where they saw "Reality" turn into Humble Pie as they lost to both the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers get On-State Rival the Dallas Mavericks tonight. The Spurs at 41-8 in the #2 slot in the West is up just 4 games on the 3rd in the west "Regulators Report" O.K.C..

The Mavs at 28-24 and on the brink of breaking out sits in the #6 slot in the west. They should and will give the visitors being the Spurs and lead man "Pops" all they want tonight as the Prime Time Game on ESPN tonight will be this one from Downtown Bog D!       
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