Tuesday, February 16, 2016

NBA Trade Deadline News in "SQUEEZE the ORANGE" as it appears no one PLAYER is safe including CLIPS Star PF the "BLAKE Show" 32!...The O-MAGIC and Motor City PISTONS make a deal! Q@NBA #NBATradeDeadline

The busiest time of year is now in the "Logo" as the NBA Trade Deadline is near and there are some huge names floating around as potential trade candidates. Let's start with the Players getting traded today and the big names that might be on the move before Thursday February 18, 2K16:

#NBA Trade Deadline Deals February 16, 2K16...

The Orlando Magic moves SF Tobias Harris to the Detroit Pistons for PG Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova.

The "Specs" on the trade: All players involved reunite with either a former Coach or Coach/GM as this is a win/win for both organizations moving forward.

#NBA Potential Trade Deadline "Big" Names...  

#ClipsNation the "Blake Show" 32 dba PF Blake Griffin

The skinny is the Clips are doing better without Blake and then Blake's Issue away from the Hardwood have made the decision easier to shop him even more clear. Who wants a Top 10 Player in the "Logo" at least for the next three years and who is going to deal with Blake away from the Hardwood or was that one isolated incident as inquiring minds need to know?

#Believeland the "Lake Oswego Monster" in PF Kevin Love

Yes it is a forgone conclusion that the "Lake Oswego Monster" Project near the Rock and Roll Museum move on as LeBron and the Cavs might be better off without Love. A potential landing spot would be the C's with nice pieces all over that roster as Trade Danny dba Danny Ainge the current C's GM will be super active as Boston is right there in the East!

#ClutchCity #1 Soap "As Dwight Turns" dba C Dwight Howard

Well he can't play 2nd fiddle and we know that. The problem is he is maybe a 2nd or even a 3rd fiddle now as his good times are past him. Dwight Howard to Miami for Hassan Whiteside...hmmmmm maybe! With Chris Bosh maybe on ice for ever the Heat needs to be thinking of a "Big" who can potentially be piece 1A or even 1B...

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