Thursday, February 25, 2016

JOE JOHNSON to "Believeland"!..."SQUEEZE the ORANGE" as the Flatbush Nets waive Money Bags J.J. and he could be headed to CAVS to join @KingJAMES, @CavsDAN and "Believeland"! @TheJoeJohnson7 #BKNets #WooPigSooie #JJtoCavs

The Rich might get richer as the Cleveland Cavaliers appear to be going for the Parade Route and Chip and why not residing in the Eastern Conference. The News is being reported out of Brooklyn that its official BK Nets Swingman Joe Johnson the 2nd highest paid NBA Player ($24.894 million) Joe Johnson gets a buyout from the Nets to become an unrestricted free agent.

Now that is big news considering if Joe signs with the #1 Team in the East as many believe he will the Cleveland Cavaliers that most certainly puts them as the clear favorite to win the East and be in the 2K16 "Fight 4 Larry" dba NBA Finals.

Top 10 Highlights 
Flatbush Nets

Johnson who lost Deron Williams (Mavs) and Jarrett Jack (Torn ACL) has been the lone producer all season long for the Nets in the back court. The Nets as J.J. has slowed down has also played J.J. at the wing forward and that's where the Cavs could use him throwing King James to the power forward where he thrives in "Winning Time"!

As for J.J.'s Digits for the 2K15-16 season...11 ppg 4 asst 3 rebs in 33 mins and just think if the Cavs can get that off the bench and another monster at closing time!
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