Monday, February 1, 2016

"MONSTERS Inside 94 x 50" talking the NBA's Top 11 SCORING Leaders!...With a Loaded TOP 5 that includes names like the CHEF, the BOOGIE Man, the KING, EASY Money , and the "BEARD"...who is in the next 6? #MonstersInside94x50 #NBAScoringLeaders #GetBuckets #BHM

As we are officially past the midway point in the "Logo" and the 82-game trek we must not forget the Men who can get "Buckets" 24-7-365. Its the usual suspects and the #1 player at getting "Buckets" is easily the #1 draw at home and out of the motel in the "Logo" as we need not to name drop NBA Heads.

I have one question though is the "Big" that is in the Top 5 of the Top 11 NBA Scoring Leaders the #1 "Big" in the "Logo" as his game has always been there but the mind is starting to catch up?

#Monsters Inside 94 x 50"
NBA Top 11 Scoring Leaders
February 2K16 #BHM 

1. PG Chef Curry #DubNation 29.4 ppg

2. 2G "Fear the Beard" #RedNation 27.9 ppg

3. SF @kdTREY5 #RegulatorsReportOKC 27.2 ppg

4. C @BoogieCousins #ForeverPurple 27 ppg 

5. SF @KingJames #Believeland 24.9 ppg

6. PG "License to Lillard" #RipCity 24.3 ppg

7. PG @RussWest44 #RegulatorsReportOKC 24.1 ppg

8. SF PG-13 #GoldSwagger 23.5 ppg

9. SG "D2" #WeTheNorth 23.2

10. PF the "Brow" #NOLAGumboPelicans 22.9 ppg

11. 2G "See Red" Butler #WestSideStoryReport 22.4 ppg

Point God 
Top 10 Plays 2014-15

360 Degrees...

Curry is having a phenomenal season and if he keeps the pace he will be the 2K15-16 NBA M.V.P...

Harden scores and we know that but something is missing in his game and its not just the "D"...

the "Easy Money Sniper" on the Gram dba Kevin Durant and in the Twittisphere @kdTREY5 is back and in full force and if there is a better duo then he and Russ tell me what I am missing...

Sac-Town's Boogie Cousins is all of that as he is making his case also to get to that final 12 on Team U.S.A. for the Rio 2K16 Summer Games....and his Shoe Game is the tightest of any "Big" in the Logo go "peep" his shoe game on the "Gram"!

King James is still Top 5 in getting "Buckets" while impacting the game on so many level night in and night out...easily the #1 NBA Player on the planet and yes I said there is no contest! 

Dame can't get to an All-Star Game but get this he and back court mate C.J. McCollum are the future in the West talking guards and they are "Wet" 1-82!  

Russell Westbrook has a Blue-Collar and "This might be my last game tonight" Approach that compares to no one in the "Logo". They said KD might go back home to Chocolate City (D.C. to play for the Wizards) but K.D. needs Russ as Russ needs K.D. and it looks like they have put all their chips into "Billy Ball" of Thunder Alley...the "Regulators Report OKC" only at Bluedude Sportstalk!  

Paul George is back and of the top 4 wing defenders in the "Logo" (others King James, Kawhi, Jimmy Butler) he and James are the only two in the Top 10 in scoring and "Gold Swagger" is rated PG-13...

"D2" Compton's Finest DeMar DeRozan might be the best-kept secret in the "Logo" of all Snipers but if you ask me who the best back court in the "Logo" as we go to press...its Team Drake Drizzy's "D2" and K.L. (Kyle Lowry) of 'Nova Games Philly...period 

If only the "Brow" could stay healthy but his game on every night and every possession rivals King James as they are the Two players if I had to start a franchise right now they are picks 1A and 1B...any questions, comments, or concerns! 

The "See Red" Butler dba Marquette's Jimmy Butler is a nasty cat as he will lock you up on ""D at one end and give a 50-Bucket with sides on the other. The best Sniper in Madhouse Red and Black since the Statue left the building in the 'Go and that would be #23....enough said!     

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