Monday, February 8, 2016

SUPER BOWL 50 going the "AFTERMATH" as the Denver Broncos dba #UnitedInOrange #OrangeCrush and of course #BroncosNation proves again DEEEEEEE-fense wins CHIPS and gets Parade Routes!...@MillerLite40 of #GigEmNation #SB50 M.V.P.! #DENvsCAR #SB50 #SuperBowl50 #BroncosWorldChamps

We start with Denver Broncos OLB and non-Earthling Von Miller the pride and joy of #GigEmNation sack/fumble on Carolina Panthers QB and NFL M.V.P. Cameron Newton as the Broncos recovered the Wilson pigskin and scored a TD.  After that the Panthers had no shot as I believe in what I saw and what I saw was a QB who lost his competitive spirit in the 1st frame.

The Broncos "D" dominated after that and yes the Panthers dropped passes and turn the "Pig" over but nonetheless the Broncos "D" took the game before any other side of the "Pig" could stake claim to a victory!

The Broncos ""D tallied 7 Red Jersey Collections and forced four fumbles while getting an INT late in the 4th to seal the "W"! @MillerLite40 dba Von Miller had 5 tackles with 2.5 Red Jersey Collections and forced two of the four fumbles on his way to Super Bowl 50 M.V.P.. That comes from a man who came off an Torn ACL a season or two ago and some major off the field issues and kudos to #58 from coming back full circle being a leader and a great football player as well as taking care of business away from the "Shield"!

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As for Cam Newton is was the "Body Language" he exhibited all game long while not being "Cam the Superman" from a standpoint of evading the rush and pressures using his Dawgs! I don't know if he was trying to get his point across by staying in the pocket being a "Pocket Passer" or what but his play hurt his squad. The Panthers "D" came to play like they always do and considering what they were up against and the field position they inherited on series after series the score should have been or could have been 48-10.

Could the Panthers and O-Coordinator Mike Shula have helped the Tackles more and trying to slow down Miller and DeMarcus Ware (3 Tckls 2 Red Jersey Collections) yes they could have with Max Protections Packages but they did not. It was that Broncos "D" and their Architect Wade Phillips and nothing else as Peyton Manning was of all things like most said he would have to be in order for the Broncos to grab the Lombardi...a Game Manager!

Congrats to #UnitedInOrange and the Denver Broncos and #SB50 M.V.P. @Millerlite40 of #GigEmNation...and good luck at the Tuesday Parade as that is Chip #3 and counting...
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