Monday, February 8, 2016

D-FISH gone from #KnicksTape as the ZEN MASTER and the World's Most Famous Hoops Team goes with SUPERMAN!..."SQUEEZE the ORANGE" going Firing Squad as one LAKER replaces another LAKER talking Knicks Tape 2K15-16 Lead Man! @Knicks #KnicksTape #KnicksNation #86DFish #SqueezeTheOrange

Well if you recall then New York Knicks Lead Man Derek Fisher told the media it is a process and no big deal if we don;t make the "Fight 4 Larry" dba the NBA Playoffs. Ok one D-Fish forgot his team resides in the beloved East where both Johnnie (St. John's) and the Jaspers (Manhattan U) both have a legit shot a making the NBA East Playoffs. Secondly isn't the objective every season to get to "Winning Time"?  

Well fast forward to February 8th, 2K16 the N.Y. Knicks and Prez Phil Jackson dba Zen Master have come to the decision to terminate the services of one D-Fish effective immediately. He will be replaced by another Ex-Laker "Superman" dba Kurt Rambis who was Fisher's lead assistant.

Now Rambis as early as today told the Media , " My #1 Goal is to get thee Guys to the Playoffs"! Now D-Fish was saying we are still in rebuilding mode as Rambis eludes to the fact that its here and right now. Now you know the rest of the story as D-Fish maybe though he had a little bit more time to handle the Knicks Science Project.

A 23-31 W-L in 2K15-16 and a an overall W-L of 40-96 didn't sit well with the Zen master and Mr. James Dolan especially after D-Fish leaves the Knicks on a 5-game losing streak. Can the Knicks turn it around of course they can playing the East. Will they remains to be seen as the Coaching Names get thrown out there like Tom Thibodeau and Mark Jackson to name a few...   
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