Saturday, February 6, 2016

THUNDER @ WARRIORS as the "REGULATORS Report" O.K.C. + "LOGO WATCH" Prime Time w/PLAYBOOK = a Playoff Type "Fight 4 LARRY" Atmosphere at Planet ORACLE!...BILLY Ball of Thunder Alley led by @kdTREY5 and RUSS-nasty gets "Los SPLASH Hermanos" and DRAYMOND the Champs on Super Saturday Night! #OKCvsGSW #RegulatorsReportOKC #StrengthInNumbers #BillyBallOfThunderAlley #Dubs24-7-365 #LogoWatch

It won't get nay better than this as the two best in the "Logo" in my guesstimation talking the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors do battle on Saturday Night prime time with all the hype surrounding the Super Bowl 50 across the bay and Kevin Durant playing for G.S.W. after this season! Look I believe it when I see it as for now the Warriors will have to through K.D and the Regulators if they want to sup SHAM-PAG-NA again!

OKLAHOMA City (38-13, 3rd West)
GOLDEN STATE (45-4, 1st West)

"Logo Watch" Prime Time
Saturday February 6, 2K16 @ 9pm ET 
Planet Oracle across the Bay from #SB50 



PG Russ-nasty
SG Dion W.
PF Air Congo dba Serge Ibaka
C Steven from New Zealand


PG Chef Curry
SG Klay-metheus
SF "Iggy" of Planet Oracle
PF Dray-G.
C Drew from "Down Under"  

PLAYBOOK #ThundervsWarriors 

O.K.C. can push the pace but they need to be careful trading transition buckets for transition buckets with "Dubs" who has a Patent on Transition Hoops!

"Dubs" needs to make Life hard for both K.D. and Russ and if they can't the Seat Belt Sign Light will remain on for all 48...

O.K.C. has to create Rim Runs and Leak Outs if "Dubs" wants to shoot from all the neighboring suburbs making them think twice about the Money Ball Racks and Transition D...

Half Court "D" on Chef Curry as the Thunder must find a way to make him look half like an Earthling...and through 49 Contests I have yet to see it...

Who slows down Russ on the One-Man Fastbreak?

Who slows down Curry from shooting from anywhere in the State of California? 

Can the O.K.C. Bench stay with the Warriors Bench led by S-Dot and the Brazilian Blur among others? 

Turnovers vs Live Turnovers for TDs...who wins?

With all the news swirling @kdTREY5 joining "Dubs" after this season no one really cares as we are in the 2K15-16 season with another Larry O'Brien Trophy and Parade Route and Banner on the its a "What have you done for me lately Society"!

Billy Ball vs Kerr's Hybrid of "Small Ball" and Semi-Triangle Offense w/ Heavy dose of Curry Sauce...who wins?

"Glass Work" talking rebound the Vegetable!

Will #StrengthInNumbers be a factor in this one as O.K.C. will have to deal with extra noise as its Super Saturday with all "Peepers" turning to Big Bowl 50 on Sunday!     
Note: 1st of three meetings between G.S.W. and O.K.C. as they meet @ O.K.C. on February 27 and back in G.S.W. on March 3rd. 

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