Saturday, February 27, 2016

WARRIORS 121 THUNDER 118 F/OT...Thunder Alley gets hit with the Forecast "CLOUDY with a 30% Chance of Chef CURRY Money Balls" as DUBS and CURRY steals the Show in extras!..."REGULATORS Report O.K.C." no he didn't in Thunder Alley as CURRY adds to his legend! #GSWvsOKC #DubsNation #ThunderUp #RegulatorsReportOKC #Dubs24-7-365

Game-Winner vs the Regulators 
Thunder Alley

Where do you start talking about the 2K15-16 NBA M.V.P, in Golden State Warriors Point God and Bloodline Stephen Curry. As though he couldn't do anything else to add to his legend but maybe popping 100 points in a game he hits Thunder Alley with a Dozen Money Balls and this is after spraining one of his Dawgs early in the 3rd frame.

Chef Curry goes for a game-high 46 points and check this a 12-16 clip from Norman, Stillwater, and North Texas and we will throw in Arkansas as well. I have never seen an NBA Sniper pull from anywhere over the Timeline like this "Fool" here as he is officially Government-Issued C-4...Super Explosive!

Thunder Dynamic Duo of Easy Money Sniper 35 and Russ-diculous went for 37 points and 26 points respectively but could not top what the Forecast was after Intermission, "Cloudy with a 30% chance of Chef Curry Money Balls"!

O.K.C to compound matters they get both the Clippers and G.S.W. this week coming out of the Motel and Spur Wars some three times the rest of the way.  Oh by the way Splash Brother #2 or Chef Curry's Caddy or "Reel" Klay-metheus Thompson added a cool and quiet 32 points as Dubs moves to 53-5. The Regulators report O.K.C. falls to a solid 41-18...        
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