Saturday, February 20, 2016

WARRIORS @ CLIPPERS as "LOGO WATCH" w/PLAYBOOK goes NBA on ABC Saturday Night from the FIGUEROA Street Gymnasium L.A. dba STAPLES L.A. Sports Arena Set-Up!..."DUBS" get the 2nd leg of a Back 2 Back as they get pounded last night by DAME and Rip City!...CLIPS show off their new WHIP with J.G. of HOYA PARANOIA in the Front Court! #GSWvsLAC #StrengthInNumbers #newCLIPjoint #LogoWatch @NBAonESPN

The Golden State Warriors are in jeopardy of losing back to back games for the first time since sometime back in 2K15. They are also on the 2nd leg of a back to back Motel Swing as Rip City Point God Dame Lillard reminded all wearing "Dubs" including Coaches I should have been an All-Star dropping 51 pts on Curry and Company. Now we get to see how the Champs respond to a little bit of adversity tonight in Staples versus their so-called rival the L.A. Clippers.

Now the Clips come of winning the Trade Deadline by adding Jeff Green to bolster that weak front court or Wing Forward slot as they lose "Born Ready" dba Lance Stephenson who last was wearing a Red Jacket as an Usher at Staples. The Clips know the Pacific is already going to the Warriors but they get to play Chess tonight not Candyland with that new piece in J.G. in the front court!

(48-5, 1st West)
(36-18, 4th West)

"Logo Watch" going NBA on ABC @ 8:30pm ET
Figueroa Street Gymnasium L.A. dba Staples L.A. Sports Arena Set-Up
"City of Angels"



PG Chef Curry
2G KLAYmetheus
SF "Iggy" of Planet Oracle
PF All-Star D-Green
C Andrew from "Down Under"


SF Wes Johnson
PF Jeff Green
C DeAndre the Giant of Lob City

Losing some Shut-Eye over these Key Match-Ups:

Chef Curry vs CP3 
Draymond vs Jeff
Dubs Bench vs "A Tribe called Clippers Bench"


Clips must slow down Chef Curry and CP3 must go at him with the Spalding Orange...

Dubs must be able to counter the Clips Addition of Jeff Green...

X's and O's talking Kerr and die for! 

Clippers out Laker Girls you have company!

"Protect the Arc" as the Clips must ruin all shooters off 23'9" and that is way easier said then done...

"Dubs" must get a huge lift from the Bench as the Dubs Starters got handled last night in the Rose City dba Rip City...

Glass Work...talking Rebounding and who has the edge? 

Turnovers Live versus Dead as Coaches prefer none but if your going to turn it over the Dead ones are the ones you want...

Scrums the 50/50 Spalding Oranges...who wins? 

Half Court "D" vs Execution on Half Court "O" who wins? 

Do you double everything to the sideline as Pick and Roll or Pick and Pop Rotations and "D" will make or break this game?  

Transition "D" vs the Transition Money Ball as the Clips need all five bodies Ball Level at the mid line...or else it will be "Splash City"! 

End of Frames Basketball talking who wins the end of quarters? 

No Blake Show 32 and that is in "Dubs" Favor and the Clips as they will be different again adding Blake to Jeff Green....

Who needs to win more...both as the Warriors are chasing 72-10 and the Clips are chasing the Mindset of beating "Dubs" for a Mid-May 2K16 Encounter possibly...

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