Friday, February 5, 2016

MANNING Mile High vs CAM as we go Big BOWL 50 Coverage in "A QB Driven League" goes "Fight 4 VINCE" for #SB50 Edition!...Can MANNING and the Broncos Wide outs pass through THIEVES Avenue unscathed?...Can the PANTHERS Underrated Bunch led by dynamic TE Greg Olsen "FLY" high through the "NO FLY ZONE" dba BRONCOS Secondary! @PeytonManningFC @CameronNewton #UnitedInOrange #PanthersPride #SB50

"Fight 4 VINCE"
"A QB Driven League"

We are almost here for that 6:30pm EST Kickoff Time that has Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem in 2:21 seconds and if your betting on everything #SB50 that is the time to rock and roll with. As for Peyton Manning versus Cameron Newton it is two contrasting styles that have to deal with the #1 and #2 ranked Defenses in the "Shield" as War Games dba Chess Games began nearly two weeks ago.

Let's take a closer look at what both QBs need to do in order to get to CBS Lead NFL Anchor Jim Nantz on the podium with team colored confetti coming down:

2K15 Vitals

10 G 9 GS 2,249 yds 59.9 Comp % 9 TD 17 INT 67.9 QB Rating


Manning showed the necessary arm strength needed to get to the Carolina Panthers Secondary. Against the Steelers in the divisional round Manning as indecisive at times and threw some Wilson pigskins that were questionable. Adding to that was his wide outs dropping the "Pig" and that cannot happen in the biggest game and biggest stage in the "Shield"!

Look for a lot of quick intermediate routes to aleve pressure packages by the Panthers. Look for Carolina including Norman Island to play a lot of Press (Bump/Run" Coverage daring the Broncos WRs to get off the jam and make plays!

Overall Manning Mile High if this is it will go out throwing the "Pig" all over the place. Lastly I have yet to see Manning throw the deep "Pig" and if he cannot with any "Pop" that is to the Panthers Advantage with their Safeties playing nowhere near that deep 1/3 and one near the Box!

2K15 Vitals
"No Fly Zone" 

16 G 16 GS 3,837 yds 59.8 Comp % 35 TD 10 INT 99.4 QB Rating


Cam has had a M.V.P. Caliber Season as he can collect that Trophy and the Lombardi (Fight 4 Vince) if he can get by the Denver Broncos. He will be flying in that "No Fly Zone" Secondary of #UnitedInOrange but he did make #BirdGang and the L.O.B. look really bad.

Cam must trust his reads and unlike Manning has elite arm strength but he needs to "Stay Calm" and deliver. If the Broncos were to get Cam and better be early as they somehow and someway need to make #1 in Teal and Black uncomfortable. How you do that they need to stir up the perfect Storm with the Weather Channels' Jim Cantore.

As for Cam's Wide Outs it is led by perennial Pro-Bowler Greg Olsen from the "U" Coral Gables. Vet WRs Ted Ginn Jr. and Jerricho Cotchery have made "Plays" in the Passing game when they needed to be made. Throw in Olsen in and around the Red Zone and between the Hashes and "Philly" Brown doing his thing with "YAC" vrooooooooooom...lookout Broncos Secondary. These are solid pros mixed with a "Philly" or two as there is just no clear #2 as Olsen is their go-to dude in the crunch!

Overall Cam will play well as he has been waiting for this stage since he was the #1 overall pick a few years back. Denver must keep him in the pocket and no go up the field giving him those run lanes. One of these QBs will solve the equation as will one of these defenses!


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