Friday, February 12, 2016

USA 157 WORLD 154 F...With Zach "TRAMPOLINE" LaVine leading the U.S. they outlast a strong effort from Team WORLD led by the Nugs MUDIAY, the Knicks ZINGER Burger and the T'Wolves WIGGINS!..."LOGO WATCH" as the 2K16 NAB All-Star Weekend officially gets crackin' "North of the Border"! #BBVARisingStars #LogoWatch #TeamUSA #TeamWORLD @ZachLaVine @KPorzee @EmmanuelMudaiy @22Wiggins

The NBA All-Star Game Festivities got underway tonight "North of the Border" in Toronto, Canada as  it was Team U.S.A. versus Team World as the "Logo" shows off the future on the NBA which is in very good hands.

After all the smoke cleared and the Teams went "shirts and skins" it was Team U.S.A. led by the Minnesota Timberwolves Zack "Trampoline" LaVine and his 30 points followed by the L.A. Lakers Jordan Clarkson and his 25 points with Phoenix Suns rookie sniper Devin Booker adding 23 points.

Team U.S.A. was out to a 88-79 lead at the break as Team World  fought back the entire 2nd half to get back into the game and fell short 157-154. Team World was led Emmanuel Mudaiy and Kristaps Porzingis 30 points apiece. Andrew Wiggins added 29 points as the future looks bright in the Twin  Cities with those two and Karl-Anthony Towns who will edge out Porzingis dba the Zinger Burger.

Lakesr Rookie DeAngelo Russell added 22 points dropping seven helpers and take that Coach...," I Can play too"!  
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