Thursday, March 5, 2015

SEVENTY-SIXERS 118 THUNDER 123 F/OT...Who was that MASKED MAN?...the "REGULATORS Report OKC" move over "HUMAN TORCH" of G.S.W. & "Fear the BEARD" of #REDNation you have Company in RUSS of JORDAN Brand!...WESTBROOK messed around and goes Triple-Double as O.K.C. gets by PHILLY in Extras! #PHIvsOKC #6ersNation #ThunderUp #RegulatorsReportOKC

In a bad sports week for Philadelphia as "Shady" McCoy along with 52 other Eagles who didn't come from Oregon went packing the Philadelphia 76ers are starting to hold their own. The good was they took O.K.C. in Thunder Alley to almost the "L" Column. The bad was Russell Westbrook in a Mask playing "Zorro" was back o the hardwood for the Thunder and in the end "Zorro" of Jordan Brand > the 2014-15 Philadelphia 76ers.

Behind another Triple-Double and a face mask maybe Zorro would be proud of but Dr. Hannibal Lecter would simply be going "Nut Factory" over as the Regulators O.K.C. Point God Russell Westbrook is "En Fuego".

Just three weeks ago he grabbed the 2015 All-Star M.V.P. Trophy now he might finish the 2014-15 NBA Season as the "Trophy Collector" as he has his "Peepers" set on the "Fight or Mo" Trophy dba the NBA M.V.P. Trophy.

Westbrook goes for nearly a half a hundo with 49 points grabbing sixteen boards with the nerve to wait on ten O.K.C. Tables (assists) for his 4th Triple-Double. OKC also avoids an embarrassing "L" to the lowly Sixers beating them 123-188 in Extras!  Dion Waiters added 20 points and grabbed ten boards as well to help lead OKC.  

Philly gets 31 points and six helpers from Isaiah Canaan of the Murray State Racers and 29 points from J-Rich no not the J-Rich that use to play for Dub Nation and was an All-American in "Izzone"...that would be him. Philly hung in the game all night long shooting 15 for 35 from deep.

The Regulators move to 34-27 while Philly gets closer to grabbing former SMU Signee and Under Armour wearing Emmanuel Mudaiy playing somewhere in China as we go to press with another loss and two more ping pong balls.

Air Jordan Heads you know the Drill..."Become Legendary" as Russell Westbrook is in the lead!
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