Thursday, March 5, 2015

DOCKETT starring in "PLAYING with the ENEMY" as he will join 49ERS Gang!..."MAKING NOISE" + "SUNDAY TALK" = Staying in the DIVISION to get at my Boys!...Former 'NOLES All-American and Forever #BirdGang Star and Leader DARNELL DOCKETT staying put in the NFC West! @DDockett #NinersNation #BirdGang #QuestForSIX

What other motivation does a player need to get back at the team that cut him after consistently making plays for them for over a decade. Well former Arizona Cardinals Star and DT Darnell Dockett of the FSU 'Noles was cut due to a combo of his 2015 Salary Cap Hit and the Cards trying to get younger before its too late.

Dockett coming off missing all of 2014 due to an ACL Injury in the pre-season didn't need any motivation to keep playing at a high-level but the rival 49ers called anyway. Now Dockett at least by Tuesday will be "Playing with the Enemy".

The San Francisco 49ers through numerous media outlets pick up the 11-year NFL Vet for a $7.5 million Purchase Order over 24 months of service. He will be make $ million of that in 2015 and $2 million is going to his bank account no mater what happens.

The Niners moving forward should be stout once again with Patrick Willis missing 8 games and Navorro Bowman missing all of 2014 with a Knee Injury. The Niners need to get better upfront as DT Glenn Dorsey will be coming off of the IR for the 2015 as well.

Dockett was great for Bird Gang and if he can be half of what he was for 'Zona lookout as Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brook are the DEs.
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