Thursday, March 5, 2015

"MONSTERS inside DOUBLING your Pleasure"...the Logo's Double-Double Leaders as they get BUCKETS and BOARDS!...NBA Leaders through March 4, 2015! #GotDoubleDouble

As we hit March in the Logo here comes the "Monsters inside Doubling your Pleasure". That's right the Hoopers that get Buckets and takes care of the Glass. Who is leading the Logo in double-doubles through March 4, 2015?

"Monsters inside Doubling your Pleasure"
NBA Double-Double Leaders through March 4, 2015

Note: In Parenthesis Points/Rebounds

Rank Player Team Double-Doubles (Pts/Rebs)

1. Pau Pau Pau #WestSideStoryReport 39 (18.2 ppg 12.1 rpg)

2. @BoogieCousins #ForeverPurple 35 (23.4 ppg 12 rpg)

2. N. Vucevic #OMagic 35 (19.7 ppg 11.7 rpg)

4. Mr. Drummond #MotorCityPistons 34 (13 ppg 13 rpg)

5. Wall-Star #WizKidsDC 33 (17.2 ppg 10.1 apg)

6. @macBo50 #GritGrind 32 (16.5 ppg 11.6 rpg)

6. DeAndre the Lob City 32 (11.1 ppg 14.5 rpg)

8. @AntDavis23 #StateBirdofLouisiana 31 (24.2 ppg 10.3 rpg)

8. CP3 #LobCity 31 (18.5 ppg 10.2 apg)

8. Lake Oswego Monster #Believeland 31 (17 ppg 10.2 apg)

360 Degrees...

Gasol having a career year for the Bulls has been just what the Bulls needed for an Inside Presence...

Only two PGs on the List in John Wall and Chris Paul doing it with buckets and assists...

Cousins, Drummond, Davis, Jordan are the future "Bigs" the Logo will revolve around for the next decade and then some...

@macBo50 Zach Randolph has been doing it for quite sometime as he is a double-double walking...

Not getting too many touches on Offense but Kevin Love the "Lake Oswego Monster" still manages to get 17 ppg and grab ten oranges per...Heart + "Blue-Collar" Attitude that's it!      
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