Sunday, March 8, 2015

DUBS Custodian DRAYMOND GREEN 2015 Free Agency Business!...."SQUEEZE the ORANGE" talking after King JAMES and KAWHI LEONARD Warrior's Ground #1 Front Court Player D.G. of SPARTY will be a "HOT" Commodity in Free Agency! @Money23Green #WarriorsGround #DUBSAllDay

As we near the ":Fight for Larry" dba NBA Playoffs and "Winning Tim e" NBA Execs and NBA Agents are gearing up for the "Summer of 2015 Free Agency" which is lining up to be an interesting pool. One player who is starting to garner a lot of attention is  Golden State Warriors lead Custodian Draymond Green.

Green is picking up major steam from his 2014-15 play right behind the "Splash Brothers" in the Dub Nation Pecking Order with Career-High Numbers. With Draymond being 3rd on my list as SF Free Agents behind King James (Player Option w/Cavs) and Kawhi Leonard (Restricted Spurs Family) he might get top dollars.

Represented by former Bulls 1st Rounder and Iowa Hawkeyes All-American B.J. Armstrong (Top Client Bulls D-Rose) Green is Restricted which means the Warriors cam match any offer but would they let it get that far. If a team puts an offer sheet out for D.G. for the Max Deal the Warriors would have to match.

Matching an Max Deal for Green becomes difficult as the Warriors Klay Thompson's new deal ($15.5 million in 2015-16) kicks in next season in which the Warriors have upwards of $78 million already committed for the 2015-16 season.

Green's Warriors Numbers for 2015-16 and Rank:

60 Gms 60 Starts 11.4 ppg (3rd) 8.3 rpg (1st) 3.7 apg (2nd) 1.6 stls (2nd) 1.4 blks (2nd) 32.3 mpg (3rd)

You tell me if Draymond won't command a Max Deal or something close to that as the numbers never lie!      
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