Tuesday, March 3, 2015

B-SHAW out in the Mile High City..."MAKING NOISE" as the Denver NUGGETS terminate the services of Lead Man BRIAN SHAW as this one was seen from mile away! @DenverNuggets #BShawBusiness

First and foremost I will say this was former Nuggets Lead Man Brian Shaw's first coaching head coaching gig. For most the first one is a learning experience unless you draft a Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, or even Tim Duncan and still you hope to ride those co-tails for the duration.

Having said all of that there is two sides to every story and yes the Denver Nuggets fired B-Shaw today and for him he had to be elated that he was fired but not happy he didn't get the job done. When players quit on you or your Core Player or Core Players don't see eye to eye with you the writing is always in the wall.

B-Shaw the pride of East Bay and its lineage of great NBA Point Guards and a Star at UCSB (University Cal Santa Barbara) Gauchos ruffled feathers early on not getting along with PG Andre Miller and B-Shaw stopped his consecutive game streak. Now the back and forth this season between him and PG Ty Lawson got pretty ugly to the point Lawson was out there at the NBA Trade Deadline for the taking with no real suitors. In the end its will be the coach in most cases getting the one-way ticket out of town than the player as this isn't the first time a Player or Players quit on a coach to get him off their bench.

B-Shaw will surface again and don't be surprised if he doesn't resurface somewhere on that Knicks Bench next to D-Fish as Shaw is one of the Zen Master's Favorite.

That 2nd Gig will be the one you roll with B-Shaw as all of this is a learning experience as the Nugs are known for paying their Coaches and Execs among the lowest in the Logo...just stating the facts!
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