Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#43 is not in the STEELERS Plans for 2015..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" as the great TROY POLAMALU is on the Clock as FATHER TIME in STEELERS Land has already landed!

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2003 #1 Pick (16th Overall) has been a "Legend" for the Steelers over his celebrated career. Now the Pittsburgh Steelers and Troy knew this was coming as the Tape or "Eye in the Sky" doesn't lie as #43 and his play has went deep south.

The Steelers drafted Syracuse Safety Shamarko Thomas (as he worked out with Troy in California in the Off-Season last season) as he just cannot stay on the field. Mike Mitchell was picked up in Free Agency in 2014 and the book is still out on him. Will Allen the savvy vet still produces but "Father Time" is ready to slide over from #43 and #24 Locker Stalls to get to his.

Polamalu is due $6 million on the Cap and the Steelers in no way shape or form is ready to send that on him and the best thing for #43 right now is to retire as a Steeler hopefully. Looking at some Numbers for the Men of Troy Legend at Safety:

Steelers #43 Career-Numbers to Date

158 Gms 142 Gms Started
581 tackles 197 Assisted Tackles
32 INTs
12 Red Jersey Collections
3 Super Bowls (2 Rings)

In 2014

12 Gms 12 Gms Started
45 Tackles 24 Assisted Tackles
0 INTs
0 Red Jersey Collections

We will see what happens from here but for Troy and he should know this the only scheme that fit him was LeBeau's Scheme and even COach is gone from Steelers Nation. It's been long overdue but I could say as a huge Steelers Fan I am ready to see the Black & Yellow without Troy on the back end...and I am ready for that!  

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