Wednesday, March 4, 2015

BILLS MAFIA grabs a CASSEL to go with that SHADY Character!..."SUNDAY TALK" as BISON City Pro Football is making major moves in 2015 Free Agency grabbing a Sunday SIGNAL-CALLER!...#BillsMafia

The Buffalo Bills are going for it that AFC East known as the Patriots Invite in the 16-Game Trek has some serious company. Not even 24-hours of acquiring Fly Eagles Fly RB "Shady" McCoy the Bills get a Sunday Signal-Caller to go with him.

Cassel is sent to Bills with a sixth-round Pick in 2015. The Purple People gets a fifth-round Pick in 2015 and a seventh-round pick in 2016. Cassel is also on his last season at a $4.15 Salary in 2015.

The Bills have plenty of weapons around Cassel as he inherits WR's Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods along wit RB "Shady" McCoy. At a 33-38 career record Cassel is no doubt a stop-gap but does he give the Bills and Bills Mafia a better chance to win than QB E.J. Manuel?  

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