Saturday, June 8, 2013

2013 NBA DRAFT RANKINGS...SQUEEZE the ORANGE...talking Shooting Guards or SNIPERS...whose the best in the Lot? #NeedScoring #NeedFinishers #NeedLockdown

The Shooting Guards or Snipers might be the hardest position to breakdown in the 2K13 NBA Draft because of the two players at the top. The talent pool isn't very deep at the Two Guard and both the Players at the top should go Top Five.

Top Five Shooting Guards or SNIPERS in the 2K13 NBA order!

1. Victor Oladipo #4 #HoosierHysteria...He is as Athletic as anyone in the 2K13 NBA Draft and cause of that a little raw on the Offensive End (See IU vs Temple Tape March Madness 2K13). Having said that he is as NBA-Ready Defensively as anyone in the Draft. Oladipo is Dwayne Wade but more explosive and his Tool Kit isn't as complete offensively. He can guard one's an two's, finish on the break, and can hit it from Mid-Range. His motor alone on the defensive end has him my #1 Shooting Guard as I pick Defense over Offense any day of the week.

2. Ben McLemore #RockChalk...His Whodini Act in the NCAA Tourney 2K13..."Where did he go?..Where did who go? cost him in my estimation but gave the Bluedude confirmation in what i had been knowing about Mac Attack. He is really a Shooter and an Athlete. Now in between that he is lacking in many areas as I have yet to see him take anyone off the dribble. He reminds me of former AAU Teammate Bradley Beal as they are trained by the same guy. Beal lacked in the same areas and until John Wall showed up and made it easy for Beal...he struggled. He will go simply on Athleticism but be careful here as if he disappears in an NCAA Tourney Game what will he do on a cold January day in Cleveland playing again Dion Waiters on a second day of a back to back after seeing Lance of Gold Swagger the night before?

3. Jamal Franklin is another burner from that Staple of Steve Fisher at SDSU. Size, Versatility, and length all encompasses Mr. Franklin. He scores in a variety of ways and he can defend. He reminds me of former SDSU now Spurs Star Kawhi Leonard but at the Big Guard. Same Mode and toughness and Franklin will be a steal if he falls out of the 1st round.

4. Allen Crabbe #CalGoldenBears...highly-skilled and refined and NBA-Ready at the Two. Can Shoot it from deep, get his own, and has an excellent feel for the game. Crabbe and Hardaway Jr. might be the most complete Shooting Guards in the 2K13 Draft. Crabbe's Size should land him at the middle-half or back end of the 1st round. Reminds me of Nuggets Shooter and WF Wilson Chandler but more of a handle.

5. Tim Hardawy Jr. #10 #UMWolverines...just like Crabbe highly-skilled and bloodline which is all in his game. The best thing Junior could have done was comeback to school and play with Trey Burke for his Junior Season. Hardaway Jr. can play off the Orange, play the point, finish at the Rim, and is a Shot-Maker like his old man Tim Hardaway Sr. He reminds me Warriors Shooter Klay Thomspon who is also Bloodline. Don't be surprised if Hardaway Jr. moves inside that Top 20 and in the back end of the Lottery.  
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