Thursday, October 1, 2015

RANGERS, 'STROS, and HALOS going Photo Finish in the AL WEST!..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" as the RANGERS need 1 win to clinch AL West Title as the 'HALOS and 'STROS battle for Wild Card #2 as we head to the last weekend in the 162! #Rangers #StrosShow #Halos #ALWestHappinings2K15 #ALWestCrown2K15 #ALWildCard#2

Before we get into the "Guts" of the AL West let's take a look at the AL West Standings at the top as we go to press and the AL Wild Card with the remaining schedule for all three teams in the West:

AL West as of Thursday October 1, 2015

1. #Rangers 86-72 -
2. #StrosShow 84-75 
3. #Halos 83-75

Rangers lead the 'Stros Show by 2.5 games and the Halos by three full games as they need to win one game to clinch as you watch the loss column...

AL Wild Card as of Thursday October 1, 2015

1. #BronxBombers 86-72 -
2. #StrosShow 84-75
3. #Halos 83-75

The Yankees need to win two of the remaining four games to clinch the #1 slot or a 'Stros Show and Halos loss as Houston leads the #2 Wild Card Slot by just a 1/2 game over the Halos...

Rangers, 'Stros Show, and Halos remaining schedules 
October 1st - 4th

#Halos @ #Rangers in a four-piece...

#StrosShow @ #DBacks in a MLB Inter League three-piece...

Rangers control their own destiny coming out of the home clubhouse for four straight. The 'Stros Show at a disadvantage gets an Inter League three-piece with the Arizona Diamondbacks and c'mon MLB let's keep that last week or two in the division to decide things!     

We are going to the tape to decide the AL West and AL Wild Card #2 slot and possibly the #1 slot...  
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