Saturday, October 3, 2015

Placekicker CHRIS BOSWELL a STEELER as SCOBEE is dunzo!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" as the Black & Yellow does what was expected and cutting PK JOSH SCOBEE! @Steelers #TheKicker @TheWizardOfBoz09 @JoshScobeesLeg

It didn't take long as the Pittsburgh Steelers were holding place kicking auditions right after their Thursday night loss to the hated Purple Browns of Baltimore. PK Josh Scobee was cut as Jacksonville already before they traded him to Pittsburgh had picked up most of his Duffel Bags and the Steelers sign Chris Boswell.

Boswell dba @TheWizardOfBoz09 in the Twitterverse will come over from Rice University as this will be his 1st PK Gig in the "Shield". He was in Camp with the N.Y. Football Giants and now the real kicking begins.

As for Pittsburgh going with Boswell and if he doesn't work out...who knows as they might be stuck! Scobee who has had a heckuva career with the KHANstruction Jaguars will be remembered in the 'Burgh as the "Kicker who didn't beat the 0-3 Rat Birds" and that is putting it mildly!


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